IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2015-01-26

RomsterteK_, did you fix your distfiles?00:26
teK_and you may want to review your remarks wrt security aspects while using our mirrors. They are bogus.01:23
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jueteK_: thanks and done10:58
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teK_16:07 < joacim> he is a swedish right wing extremist16:39
diversethe quote of the day?16:45
diverseteK_: that's pretty mean to bring up again though?17:00
teK_pretty mean to write that, frist place.17:10
teK_Being mean to frinnst is my duty17:11
diverseright, there is a (sometimes comedic) feud between you two... :(17:14
jueteK_: it has been reported the other day that cannot be reached by elinks, I can confirm and dillo doesn't work neither18:03
teK_installing elinks..18:05
teK_You don't have permission to acces / on this server.18:13
diversebeen wondering about that every since pedro reported that18:18
diverseand hnode18:19
diverseteK_: also with lynx, accessing the wiki gives a "we're under maintenance" page18:20
diverseas confirm by both mentioned18:21
teK_the difference between w3m and elinks seems to be that one make HTTP 1.0(works) requests, the other uses 1.118:24
teK_then.. chromium uses 1.1 too18:24
teK_hm it's odd18:31
teK_have  to look into this later this week.18:31
teK_how hard can it be ...18:31
diverseI'm sure you will figure it out :)18:32
frinnstI hate libtiff upstream20:06
frinnstfucking cvs20:06
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