IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-01-27

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jaegerfrinnst: is libtiff missing an md5sum update?04:22
jaegerfrinnst: after the cleanup, I mean04:22
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Romsterwhy are we on a beta version for anyways?09:39
frinnstits the first release in 3 years and it fixes a *SHITLOAD* of security stuff09:42
Romsterthanks jaeger for sqlite3-32 source fix09:42
Romsterthen why did you so mess up the commit like that. commanting patches then later remove them and then forget the md5sum file, had a rough day.09:43
frinnstwhat you want a blow by blow description on the process this time?10:16
frinnstI updated the port version, kept the patches to see what would stick on the new version. commenting out one after another10:17
frinnstthen i checked the cvs log to verify that all the patches we previously applied10:17
frinnstthen I ate some food I think. then pushed10:18
frinnstthen i realised i had a bunch of cruft in the Pkgfile and old patches in the portdir. so I removed those and pushed, but forgot to update the md5sum10:19
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Romsterpreviosuly applied do you want to revere -R i see that and then see the fuzz factor what hunks failed etc and deduce from that. it's fine how ever you do it.10:26
Romsternot like i'm perfect i messed up a few ports before.10:26
frinnstyes, I know about -R10:27
teK_shift happens.. discussing every shift does not make it better, even for the future11:27
Romsterjue, if i install all the new deps and rebuild samba i don't need todo anything else?13:05
Romsterah you added the details on the commit nevermind :)13:05
jueRomster: sorry, dunno, I've handed over the port to alan and didn't tried an install yet13:07
Romsteroh i wasn't even paying attention to the committer i just always knew it was your port.13:07
jueRomster: see here ->
Romsterhaven't even been following13:10
RomsterYour membership in the mailing list crux-commits has been disabled due13:12
Romsterto excessive bounces13:12
Romsteryeah and i missed a bunch of stuff because of it13:12
Romsteri already reconfirmed.13:12
RomsterThe last bounce received from you was dated 23-Jan-2015.13:12
Romsterthat should never happen crux at is forward to gmail13:13
juewell, our Timeline is my special friend in that matter ;)13:13
Romsterbeats me the ML has been doing weird stuff for other users lately13:14
Romsteri looked at the timeline a few days or so ago but not since then... this is when things changed and i hadn't picked up on them.13:14
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alanciohi there13:19
Romsternice to see your still active, i'm fiding more sepen stuff that needs fixing... started reviewing all my ports in contrib and finding some issues myself.13:23
Romsteri can do the samba rebuild and not expect breakage?13:23
alanciosure, give it a try ;)13:24
Romstersounds promising.. maybe i should docerize it.13:24
Romsteri just use it to share /media13:24
Romsteri'll try it later i'm heading to bed. take care.13:27
alanciook take care13:36
jaegerthe ML should be fixed now, I spent quite a bit of time on it before going out of town14:13
jaegerlots of new deps for samba, wow14:48
jaegeralancio: p5-parse-yapp has perl 5.10.1 in the footprint14:49
alancioah I will fix that14:50
jaegerno problem :)14:50
jaegerntdb uses /usr/share/man if it exists (which it should NOT but my chrome port is broken, oops)14:51
alanciostrange, I have /usr/share/man too, but nothing was installed there14:52
alanciobtw, I always thought /usr/share/man was a better location for man pages14:52
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alancioah I just found the reason for that14:58
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jaegerah, it wasn't the directory's existence, I see it on another machine. probably something dumb like xmlto again15:42
jaegerldb also needs a footprint update and displays the manpage issue. I'll have to look into that more when I have time15:50
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jaegerwas just reading about that21:41
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teK_19:37 <@jue> FTR, the glibc CVE bug mentioned by leo-unglaub has been already fixed 2013 for glibc 2.18 and is therefor a none-issue for us21:56
frinnstoh rly?21:57
leo-unglaubso just redhat fucked up?21:58
frinnstthey run ancient versions21:58
leo-unglaubtzzzz, never trust fefe without lookting at the actuall patch ..21:58
leo-unglaubmy bad guys21:58
frinnstbut they reintroduced it again in some version, no?21:59
frinnstthe patch is in master21:59
leo-unglaubi am a little bit of my game since my girlfirend leavt me21:59
frinnstoh right, 201321:59
frinnsti just read Tue 2121:59
frinnstso thought it was last week.. never bothered to read "May" or "2013"21:59
leo-unglaublets just drop it, i fucked up *g*22:02
teK_dont be so harsh on yourself :)22:03
teK_is it ok to let a 12 year play UT2k?22:04
leo-unglaubdepends on the parents22:04
teK_his father will virtually beat the crap out of him after he lost several matches of FIFA 15 against his son22:05
leo-unglaubit is okay if the 12 year old has good parents that have shown hin proper human interactions22:05
teK_oops :P22:05
leo-unglaubhmm, in this case ... propobly not22:05
leo-unglaubi played it with 12 years ... and i turned out fine ...22:06
teK_I made contact with Wolfenstein and Doom II in third or fourth grade22:06
leo-unglauboh hell yeah!22:07
leo-unglaubnow those are awesome games :)22:07
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frinnstut2k isnt that bad, no?22:51
frinnstisnt it more like a duel, rather than gore & stuff?22:51
prologicwe updating glibc?22:52
prologicre security vulnerability with gethostbyname and gethostname22:53
prologicnot a big concern ihmo since wwho the hell exposes these to anything public :)22:53
frinnstits only for ancient glibc versions22:53
frinnstfixed in 2.1822:53
frinnst3.1 is 2.1922:53
prologicI missed that :)22:54
frinnstme too22:54
frinnsti tried to cherry pick a 2 year old patch to my 2.20 branch22:54
frinnstand wondering why it didnt work as i expected :)22:54
prologicgod bless those RHEL guys22:55
prologicand probably Debina guys too22:55
prologicrunning old crappy software :)22:55
prologichave to patch constnatly22:55
diversemore security stuff popping up all the time22:57
prologicI'm just glad I choose to use a MODERN distro22:59
prologicwith quality maintainers!22:59
prologicI think I'd shoot myself if I ever went back to Debian/Ubuntu22:59
diverseplus they probably do all sorts of weird patching to their packages23:00
prologicI prefer/tend to trust upstream developers over maintainers any day23:03
prologicwith some limited exceptions23:03
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frinnstanybody remember what this did?: crux-1.3/contrib/crux-evolution-1.3.1.iso23:31
jaegerit was crux plus desktop environments, printing, office stuff if I remember correctly23:32
frinnstyep :)23:32
frinnstive switched from raid5 to raid10 on my server with its ancient disks.. rsync -av made me curious :)23:33
frinnst(when rereading backups)23:33
jaegerah :)23:33

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