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prologicLet's put this on our website/wiki somewhere obvious00:31
prologicDoes opt/bluez need a .footprint update?00:53
prologicI get a massive footprint mismatch here00:53
jaegerI use my own bluez port, no idea there01:25
prologiccan you compare your .footprint with the one in opt?01:30
jaegerThey're different major versions, I wouldn't expect it to match01:31
Romsteri try add to the crux wiki i hit save and my changes get lost. is there permission issues with the files? i am logged in01:43
Romsterlinks page and community page same deal01:43
Romsteralanco Building '/usr/ports/opt/ntdb/ntdb#1.0-1.pkg.tar.xz' /usr/bin/env: python: No such file or directory01:46
Romsterneeds python01:46
diversehmm I wonder if I can start work on implementing prtwash?01:55
Romsteralanco ldb#1.1.20-1.pkg.tar.xz footprint mismatch01:59
Romsterplease test in a clean container...01:59
prologicwho are you talking to?02:04
prologicthere is no alanco here? :)02:04
Romsterhe can read the irc logs02:07
prologicsure :)02:32
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Romsteralancio, hi your missing python on depends on for ntdb07:54
Romsterldb footprint
frinnstare you really expect him to troll through irc logs looking for his name?08:04
Romsterif you hadn't noticed he is here now.08:05
Romsterand yeah i do troll though logs for my nick name. i don't know about others.08:05
frinnstim pretty sure youre alone in doing that :)08:06
frinnstunless its in my irc-clients buffer08:06
Romsterwell i tend to keep an eye on the last days worth of online logs if i'm afk from my pc, or i'm not online at the time.08:07
Romsterelse i just use my backlog08:07
Romsteralancio, finally samba footprint
Romsterother than that it seems good08:09
Romsternot sure why usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.18 is marked as missing. that's where all perl modules go.08:10
Romsterso i'm guessing the perl path is wrong in samba08:11
Romsterbtw i'm not poking people to be annoying i just informing of what i found. so a prt-get depinst just works.08:13
Romsteri realize it's jsut a hobby distro and it'l get done as time permits.08:14
frinnstof course. I'd just think sending an email would be a less waste of time rather than having a monologue on irc hoping the other party might read the log :)08:14
frinnstthought it was funny, thats all08:15
Romsterah maybe, i'll do that. if he prefers that method.08:15
Romsteri see in the irc log that i got an issue i go fix it.08:16
Romsterbut that's just me08:16
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alanciothanks Romster, I appreciate your help09:37
alancioyes, email is usually better09:37
frinnstalancio: <- samba09:40
frinnstnever seen any port attempting to install perl stuff in /usr/share/perl5/ before09:40
alancioI don't get it in that location, checking now09:40
Romsteralancio, your welcome.09:50
Romsteri built in a clean docker crux 3.1 image i can spin another one up and retest if you like.09:50
alancioI'm rebuilding in a vm09:51
Romsteri haven't updated mine on my system yet09:51
Romsteroh do i even have perl on my docker image hmm09:51
alanciobtw, python is actually optional for ntdb09:51
Romsteryeah i do.09:52
Romsteroh but the build failed on depinst09:52
alanciook let me check this09:52
Romster+ ./configure --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/man09:52
Romster/usr/bin/env: python: No such file or directory09:52
Romsterso configure must be looking for it.09:52
Romsteror something else triggered that.09:53
alancioeventually python will crawl its way to core09:53
alanciojust like perl did ;)09:53
alancionext: ruby09:54
Romstereww but its looking that way that it's required or some option to stop that error.09:54
Romster./configure --help09:54
Romsterbloddy hell it's not autotools based09:55
Romsterit's python09:55
Romsterwel shell that looks for waf09:55
alancioah so it does require python09:56
Romsterto build at least.09:56
alanciointeresting, since samba predates python by a decade09:57
alancioor more09:57
alanciobut yes, times change, python is hot09:57
Romsteryeah except its sneaked in to ntdb09:58
juealancio: I guess you have to call the sed line for samba_perl before configure (as it was in my original port)09:58
alanciojue, that is funny, because I thought mine had it before, and yours had it after09:58
alancioI guess I got it backwards09:59
alancioI'll fix it now, thanks09:59
Romsterfor the record anything waf based is python10:07
frinnstbtw alan, this box im building on is far from clean10:19
frinnstim gonna check through the buildlog to see if I can find something10:19
frinnstDynconfig[PERL_LIB_INSTALL_DIR]:                                                  : '/usr/share/perl510:24
Romsterwhat the heck path is that.10:25
Romsterah this expains the missing path that was jues footprint before alancio split out the sub modules10:26
Romsterand alancio never updated the footprint.10:26
alancioRomster, actually, I did update the footprint, it is more complicated ;)10:30
Romsterah okay10:31
Romsteri'll let you deal with it. i haven't dug that deep in that issue.10:31
alancioit is fixed already10:34
frinnstChrome 40.0.2214.91 fixes multiple issues in bundled ICU:10:37
frinnstBesides tracking externally reported issues under separate CVEs, Chrome10:37
frinnstteam also hid one ICU fix under the internal findings CVE-2015-1205.10:37
Romsterconfigure: error: no suitable Python interpreter found10:39
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/subunit/subunit#1.0.0-1.pkg.tar.xz' failed10:39
Romstersubunit is using autotools10:40
Romsteri'll go though this and see what i get.10:41
Romsterbtw i'd recomend docker and all you need is docker run -i -t crux10:45
alanciofunny thing, read my comments in the Pkgfile of subunit10:45
RomsterThe binaries are actually python and perl scripts10:46
frinnstNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man8/cifs.upcall.8.gz10:46
frinnstNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/sbin/cifs.upcall10:46
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/cifs-utils#6.4-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.10:46
frinnstguess its related to the new external libraries10:47
frinnstand no big deal10:47
Romstergive this a bit of time it's not using ccache or distcc and i did prt-get depinst samba -fr10:47
alancioI didn't get cifs.upcall10:48
frinnstah, might be something extra installed on this system10:48
alancioit is cifs-utils10:49
alancionot samba10:49
frinnstwas ages since i built cifs-utils10:49
frinnstyes, but cifs-utils depends on samba. and it wasnt really directed to you :)10:49
alancioah ok10:49
Romsterbtw what time/zone is it there? and what country?10:50 is that japan?10:50
Romsteryeah it is japan10:51
Romsterunless your through a proxy10:51
alancioyeah .jp is japan10:53
Romsterldb footprint needs updating10:53
Romster1.1.17 -> 1.1.2010:54
Romsterwait for this to finish though i'll make a diff to the current ports10:55
prologicsomeone also fix the bluez port10:57
prologicI think that's your port alancio ?10:57
teK_jaeger  had an updated version in his repo :)10:57
prologicI know :)10:57
prologicbut fix the one in opt :)10:57
prologicwe all have duplicated ports :)10:57
teK_I dont :10:58
prologic$ cd ports && ls -1 | wc -l10:58
alanciowhat's wrong with bluez?10:58
Romsteri dunno i haven't checked it10:59
prologicMISSING not NEW10:59
frinnstteK_: what version of glibc do we run on
frinnst(cant check at work)11:00
alanciocan you show me in
alancio2.1911:00 runs crux 2.4 :)11:00
alancionot vulnerable to the gethostbyname() cve11:00
alancioohhh crux.nu11:00
prologicssh ldd | grep libc11:01
frinnstmove along, nothing to see here!11:04
teK_THERE! A three headed monkey!11:05
Romstersamba one was me using findredundantdeps -s samba11:11
Romsterother two break the depinst samba11:11
Romsterno problem11:12
Romsteri did all this stuff when i forked xorg. those were crazy times.11:13
Romstercleaned up the entire deptree11:13
alanciothat must have been a lot of work!11:14
Romsterhave to be careful sometimes it'll break after a findredundantdeps clean up so retesting is advisable.11:14
Romsterit was hell... i think i did a 36 no sleep window of comiting when i merged it back into crux xorg.git then i slept and jue and the rest fixed any remaining issues.11:15
Romsteranyways i like cleaning up deptrees may seem unnecessary but it makes a clean ports list11:15
alanciothank you for doing that work!11:15
Romsternow i mostly let the rest mes with xorg due to the amount of time i have for other stuff.11:16
alancioit is 10000 times better updating individual xorg ports than the whole thing11:16
Romsteroh it probably pays off on a prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep xorg`11:17
alancioyou saved billions of cpu cycles, which are watts, and coal!11:17
Romsterlol never thought of it that way.11:17
Romstersamba depinst tested and passes.11:17
alanciogreat! now I will fix the remaining issues11:18
Romsterso just bluez footprint? building that now11:18
alanciocan you share your docker thingy?11:18
alanciomuch better than using a vm11:18
Romsteri hadn't ran any prtveriy tests over them though11:18
Romsterit's prologics work11:19
Romsterprt-get depinst docker11:19
Romstersee the prt-get readme docker for kernel config options11:19
Romsterdocker run -i -t crux11:19
Romsterwill get you a clean docker image of crux11:19
Romsterports -u ; prt-get sysup ; ... etc. in that like a chroot.11:20
Romsteryou'll have to learn a few other docker commands but that'll get you started11:20
Romsterif you get stuck ask prologic or myself we both been dockering11:20
Romsterisn't that right prologic11:20
alancioyou are in australia's timezone, right?11:21
Romsterhmm heaps of extra things bluze links too11:21
alanciowell, in one of them ;)11:21
Romsteryeah Australia/Melbourne +10GMT11:21
Romsterhave DST so it's +11GMT atm11:22
alancionever liked DST11:22
Romsternether do i11:23
Romsternot sure if you wanna leave it that way though you add gstreamer but you probably need gst-plugins-base if your keen on audio in bluez11:24
Romsterfinddeps bluez on your system compare what dependencies you really need on bluez and i ca do a rebuild with those if you like.11:25
Romstercan do a*11:25
Romsterthats the ports it links with... not counting any it needs to build with.11:27
Romsterdoes not list gestreamer11:27
Romsteryet you have it as a dep.11:27
Romsteras it stands you can get away with # Depends on: alsa-lib dbus glib libusb-compat11:29
Romsteri don't use bluez personally so i can only suggest on the usual tools11:31
alancioI'll focus on the samba improvements first11:31
alanciothen I'll focus on dinner11:31
alancioand finally, bluez ;)11:32
alancioRomster, maybe you should take over the samba ports11:32
alancioI only took it because juergen didn't want to11:33
alanciowould also be nice to have a libreoffice port that compiles the sources11:35
teK_what's about that monster? ;)11:36
alanciohas anybody ever done that?11:36
alancioit is theoretically possible ;)11:36
Romsternah me i don't use samba that much other than to share /media11:37
alancioRomster, me neither!11:37
Romsterto my laptop and another windows pc11:37
alancioI don't consider myself a samba expert, just today I was fighting with some samba authentication nonsense11:38
Romsterits all clean with them 3 diffs now anyways. you'd probably get away with just version bumps from now on.11:38
alanciountil they switch from python to ruby and gem and ...11:38
alancioanyway, I'm off for dinner11:39
alancioI'll check the bluez thing tomorrow11:39
alanciobluez is really important for me, so I will work on that11:39
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frinnstawesome, xmlto starts to loop, using 100% cpu and 100% ram until break or oom21:23
frinnststupid xml manpages21:24
frinnstI ran into that issue once before. cant remember what it was D;21:25
teK_xmlto should make use of asm-xml :P21:26
teK_maybe it just proves P=NP or something :)21:27

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