IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-01-29

teK_fun fact: the guys at github, screwing up versioned tarballs without software names invented something named Semantic Versioning, aiming to fix dependency hell. <>01:59
teK_haven't heard from their support again, btw02:00
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Romsteri've been aware of semver for a while now but i wasn't aware github were behind that.07:12
teK_I figure, because of your version sort thing/c08:10
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frinnstanybody able to build btrfs manpages?22:53
frinnstfucking xml-hell22:53
frinnstand now its late22:54
teK_want something to laugh at? Check
teK_D: D:23:02
frinnstfun fun23:07
teK_on the other hand,.. this guy implemented the requested function within less than 60 minutes23:08
teK_also: fuck xml :|23:08

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