IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-01-30

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frinnstheh, I installed asciidoc on a fresh debian machine at work09:23
frinnstit pulled in texlive as a dep09:23
tvaalenYeah, it's easy to have allt sorts of weird stuff installed without intent.09:25
frinnsttexlive-latex-extra-doc - 327mb09:40
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Romsteris that even necessary11:04
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RomsterYour membership in the mailing list crux-commits has been disabled due11:08
Romsterto excessive bounces11:08
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frinnstbtw romster, something is seriously wrong with asciidoc, docbook, xmlto12:56
frinnsttry to build the btrfs-manpages. just extract the btrfs-progs source and run "make"12:56
frinnstxmllint loops until OOM :)12:57
frinnstall those ports seem to have some wierd incestious dependency on each other12:58
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jueteK_: ?18:43
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teK_pmwiki update.. anythhing important in there? :)18:52
juedefinitely no :)18:59
teK_great ;D19:21
teK_ignoring that one.19:21

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