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Romsterjue, geeqie is at version 1.102:02
Romsteri got rid of my romster/mirage and using geeqie now. quite nice.02:41
Romsterjue, lvm2 is still at 114 and i see you bumped libdevmaper from 114 to 116 but kept the same version= as tjat02:57
Romsteras that's probably whats in the libdevmapper changelog file02:57
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jueyeah, I know, will bump lvm2 today12:27
juelibdevmapper from 114 was actually version 92 and not 93, we wrongly raised it but there was no change for it between 113 and 11412:30
juehope that able to explain that clear :)12:32
jue+I was12:32
Romsterah i see.12:47
Romsterlittle hard to keep track of the internal number to be honest. really needs a generate script to grab the number out of the devmapper changelog and stick that in the Pkgfile version=12:48
Romsteri'm using contrib/gpp to help me with small things like that.12:48
juewell, usually not a big deal, you have to read the changelog anyway so it's easy to see if we have changes to libdevmapper12:59
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frinnstyeah I fucked that ip :)16:08
frinnstim setting up a crux 2.4 vm for patch building16:37
frinnst2.4 didnt even ship with ext4 support? :)16:37
frinnstmkfs.ext4: command not found16:37
jaegerset the way back machine!16:38
teK_patch build for patching some notorious glibc?16:43
frinnstoh good jue, you patched tzdata. I began looking at that late last night16:46
teK_frinnst: I'd go with restored backup from
frinnstyeah i think i'll pull it all down16:51
teK_doing a cleaninstallation and patching things up until they are like all ports on would be a real pain in the ass :)16:53
frinnst10mb/s, goodie16:53
teK_scp you or the  other way round?16:53>me16:53
frinnsthome.tar.gz                                                                                                       7%  677MB  10.2MB/s   13:23 ETA16:54
teK_it was not that fast the other way round, I think16:54
teK_oddly :)16:55
teK_it WAS the other way round, that's why we set up keys for root doing backup etc.16:55
teK_any way..16:55
frinnstbut iirc there was some problem with autoneg, we are forcing 100mbit or something now?16:56
teK_speed was WAY below 10Mbit/s16:57
teK_but yes, we looked into that back then, too16:57
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frinnstholy i/o batman!20:09
frinnstlots of crap in /home :)20:10
frinnstqemu-img snapshot and I are not on friendly terms20:11
frinnstlets see if will boot20:49
frinnstyep, no issues20:52
frinnstI wonder if somebody still is maintaining glibc 2.620:56
frinnstdoesnt seem like it20:57
frinnstjaeger what kernel does your updated iso use?21:55
frinnst3.12 ?21:55
jaeger3.14.27 currently21:59
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teK_21:10 <@frinnst> lots of crap in /home :)22:50
teK_you mean in ~rehabdoll, right>22:50
teK_frinnst: I have an updated 2.6 kernel22:50
teK_on Would be great to test bootability on your VM, even if qemu provides different HW.22:51
teK_the kernel and the current glib glitch are the only updates we are missing on in terms of user-facing services22:51
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