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frinnsttek haha yes00:34
frinnstand sip00:34
frinnstI used the current .config from the currently running kernel. just ran "make oldconfig" and held down enter to use default values00:35
jaegertoo much effort! yes "" | make oldconfig !00:35
jaegersave your fingers00:35
frinnstim not afraid of manual labour!00:36
teK_frinnst: there's a config/src of the most current 2.6 series in ~tek iirc.00:38
frinnstfound it, trying it now00:54
frinnstyep, boots just fine00:55
frinnstHeld 731 messages in /var/spool/mail/root00:56
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diversefrinnst: so, were updating the to the latest version crux?08:37
diverse*were you08:37
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teK_frinnst: that's awesome (that I didnt screw up ;))09:12
teK_so I could push the kernel on our live system, too?09:12
teK_did you take the binary, too?09:12
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frinnstteK_: yeah14:40
frinnstlilo lacks a menu though so its tricky to switch kernel during boot14:41
frinnstif charlie or someone needs to do some manual interverntion14:41
frinnstadding :14:43
frinnstto lilo.conf is probably a very good idea14:43
teK_I can add that, sure15:09
teK_maybe lilo -R can help too :)15:09
teK_(for testing)15:09
frinnstbut I dont see how it could go wrong to be honest15:27
frinnstsome init-script tries to load some iptables modules, but i guess they are builtin? some ip-specific services also fails to start up, but thats all15:28
frinnstudev complains about some groups that dont exist. thats pretty much it15:29
frinnstcentos 5 uses glibc 2.5, debian lenny (no longer supported) used 2.715:32
jueyeah, finally I found a port that doesn't build with dash: cppunit15:49
frinnstthere are some revdep issues tek: python (sqlite)  and apr (pgsql, sqlite3)15:59
frinnstno issues upgrading glibc to 2.8 so far16:00
frinnstanyways, +1 to reboot to a new kernel16:01
frinnststill works with glibc 2.916:12
frinnst makes me somewhat optimistic16:12
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diversejaeger: so I decide to overclock my cpu to 4GHz, so far, not so bad.17:08
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diversejaeger: I'm going to time to see how long it takes me to build rust :)17:44
teK_so you want to bump major releases frinnst? Me no gusta...17:44
diverseteK_: btw, what were you and frinnst doing?17:45
diversemessing with old crux versions and kernels I mean17:46
teK_testing updates17:46
teK_but I am just voicing my opinion as Im still very busy17:46
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frinnstIm just trying to break it18:26
frinnsttrying to maintain 2.6 doesnt seem resonable18:27
frinnststill boots with 2.10.118:27
teK_best thing would be to put the glibc binary package for 2.6 on crux.nu18:28
frinnst2.11.3 wont build with gcc 4.218:29
diverseI see, it's for fun18:30
diversebuilding rust took 80 minutes... seriously?19:13
diverseI thought it was a lot faster than that19:13
diversemust be 90, without the OC19:15
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