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diversejaeger: it's strange, /proc/cpuinfo and dmidecode neither show the turbo OC07:58
frinnstteK_: switching to a newer glibc version might break some things but as of yet, nothing critical required to access the server08:23
frinnsti'd be more worried cherry-picking a patch frankly08:38
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teK_I say: let's cherry pick the hell out of the source and leave th eother updates behind10:13
teK_also: fucking NFL, I wat my american TV series. NOW10:14
diverseteK_: they don't broadcast it live over there?10:17
teK_they broadcast NFL instead of the series10:19
diverseyeah, it's a bitch10:19
diversethe super bowl comes on, everything else gets shut down10:20
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frinnstsure tek. but that only solves one vuln. out of.. ~100 ? :)10:52
frinnsti'll try to work out a patch later today10:53
teK_we shall move to 3.1 either way; it's just that it will have to wait some months..10:54
teK_oui! systemd integrating gummiboot11:07
teK_systemd-middleware, sorry11:07
diverseso they are taking gummiboot hostage now?11:10
teK_the bootloader will OF COURSE be interchangable11:11
teK_they won't include/embrace to death anything. Just as they promised with udev. :)11:12
diverseI bet the cake is a lie11:12
Romsterfuck systemd up the ass11:14
Romsteri'd rather go bac to static /dev than systemd.11:15
diversethere really is absolutely no point in "integrating" a boot loader, that's just beyond stupid.11:17
teK_hand-crafting nodes in /dev on bootup? :D11:18
teK_they are waiting for kdbus, then integrate consoled (???)11:18
Romsterthey'll integrate the kernel next11:20
juediverse: his argument is a 'complete closed chain for secure boot'11:21
diverseand yet be "interchangeable"?11:22
Romsterwill they get signed keys for the bios secure boot next?11:22
Romstersystemd is turning into windows in a way one big monolithic no choices everyone runs the same thing11:23
jueI see as teK_, more sooner than later it will no longer be optional11:23
Romstersoon there be no point in running a different distro11:23
Romsterkilling diversity11:23
diverseyes, it's killing me11:24
frinnsthas gummiboot always been a project?11:28
frinnstif so im not surprised one bit11:28
frinnstlooking at the git log it seems as if its developed by the systemd people already11:30
jueyeah, indeed, according to the german article Sievers and Hoyer are the founders of gummiboot11:33
jueboth from Red Hat oc11:34
diversefrinnst: so, we're not affected by this?15:50
diversethe GHOST vulnerability15:51
frinnst3.1 is not, no15:51
diverseoh, now I recall about this being mentioned a week ago. So the point of that link is to use the fix for the older crux versions you guys are playing with15:54
diversesorry I didn't pick up on that15:55
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