IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-02-04

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teK_prologic: I built and am using glibc with a patch19:26
teK_% ./vulnc19:26
teK_not vulnerable19:26
teK_if one wants  to believe that test19:26
teK_I just pushed the updates for glibc and glibc-32.19:32
diverseawesome work19:33
diversejaeger: enabling cpufreq in my kernel made a difference, my rust building time went from 80 to 68 minutes, so I guess before, my system didn't overclock my cpu even though my motherboard told it too. Thanks for the help!20:08
diverseheh, what a relief20:11
diversebuilding firefox-pgo should be faster :)20:18
prologicteK_, good work :)20:59
prologicjaeger, mind rebuilding the 3.0 iso? :)20:59
frinnstteK_: so patch cherry-picked to 2.6.. but god knows what it will break22:19
jaegerdiverse: good deal23:35
jaegerprologic: I thought you said you don't use 3.023:35
prologicI don't23:36
prologic*meh* don't worry about it23:36
prologicit seems silly to support 3.0 ihmo23:36
prologicwell silly from the prespective of the docker iamges I maintain23:36
prologicso all good :)23:36
prologicupstream merged my pr anyway so the crux:3.0 docker iamge has been dropped from the docker registry23:37

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