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prologicHaving a CI for the ISO(s) going forward would be great :)00:29
prologicIf/When you can set that up :)00:29
prologicMainly because I use that as my source of truth to rebuild the docker images :)00:29
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Romsteri see new xorg-server is out any one tested yet?10:23
frinnsti've been running the rc. upgraded to .17 yesterday10:32
frinnstno issues, other than needing to rebuild all drivers10:32
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Romsteri should try and i just put in my roccat xtd optical mouse and gtx750 ti video card.11:36
Romstereariler when i was off. and dust out11:36
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Romsterupdated xorg-server so far so good12:01
Romsterand yeah rebuilt input/video12:02
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Romsterdo we not have hidraw rules and a plugdev group?12:28
Romsteroh we have a plugdev group so i'm just missing a udev rule for it.12:28
Romstergrep -r plugdev /lib/udev/rules.d/12:29
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frinnstis it just me, or is dhcpcd a bit broken?20:28
frinnstdhcpcd -x <dev> returns the wrong pid20:28
frinnstand its no stale pid file either, it returns a differend pid every time i restart it20:29
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frinnstteK_: dhcp is outdated21:22
frinnstand bind installs a empty .pid file, overwriting a file with a running pid D;21:23
frinnst<3 start-stop-daemon21:23
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frinnstalso ntp 4.2.8p1 is a security release21:53
prologicnever have I ever seen a ore broken network than on the crux ml22:43
prologicgeez christ22:43
prologichow on earth does he get a /124 ip address?22:43
prologicI thought IPv4 was 32bit? :)22:43
jaeger /124 is likely a typo, perhaps /24 was meant23:00
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prologicwhy would he have typed out the response from ip addr show?23:16
prologicthat seems silly :)23:16
prologicoh just clicked23:17
prologicno network23:17
prologiche would have typed the whole god damn thing23:17
prologicweill he has no default route :)23:17
jaegerAny of you guys use pidgin with the hangouts video/audio features?23:36
jaegerI might have to start using that for work stuff and would prefer to use pidgin than chrome for it23:37
jaegernever mind, looks like that's unsupported for multiple people currently23:38
Worksterin crux or another distro?23:44
Worksterunrelated network enp... numbers change when you pull out 2 pcie graphics cards and only put 1 back.23:44
Workstersince using both slots probably makes my mobo half the x16 to x8 for each slot.23:45
Worksterso without the second slot used it'll make the first one x16 and second slot unused/ not assigned a pcie address. shifting my network interface number.23:46
Worksterthought the whole idea of using the pcie bus was to avoid these things from changing numbers23:46
Worksteris stupid i'd rater use the mac address to assign a eth number23:47
Worksterand yes i know i can change it on my system that way.23:47
Worksterguess its more stable than using eth numbers and kernel module loading race. but be warned it is not fool proof.23:48
jaegerthat's the idea behind the persistent numbering, it doesn't have anything to do specifically with pcie23:51
Worksteror well bus addressing23:52
jaegerhowever if changing out a GPU without moving the NIC causes the NIC to change devices, that's fucked up... sounds like the board renumbers its devices23:52
Worksternote i removed 2 gpu cards and only put 1 back in23:52
Worksterand in my board the pcie shares two x8 lanes than one x16 when in that condition23:53
jaegerunder which circumtance I'd still expect slot 1 to be slot 1, slot 2 to be slot 2, etc.23:53
Worksterso would i but it shifted form 4 to 3 on the network interface23:53
jaegerso when the lanes are shared it's basically got one extra slot?23:53
Worksterthat should not happen23:53
Worksterthats my guess as well i got an extra slot when its shared23:53
jaegerheh, what a weird way to implement things23:53
Worksterindeed i was like jaw dropped net is net is not working "ip a"... my interface number changed.23:54
Worksternet is not working23:54
Workstereasy fix but still that should not change.23:55
jaegerIf you expect to be doing that often then you'd be a good candidate for going back to forcing a specific name on your card via mac address23:55
Workstermight only affect my mobo perhaps or everyone that decides to add/remove a second graphics card on a shared pcie lane23:55
Worksterit isn't a common case though23:55
jaegerI would guess that's something done by that particular manufacturer but I could be wrong23:56
Worksterlike how often does one do that23:56
Worksteri'd be interested if anyone else has seen this. more so out of curiosity than anything else.23:56
jaegerI only have 1 GPU in any given machine23:58
Workstersame as me now.23:58
jaegerthough I do intend to give vfio another try this weekend23:59
jaegerso I'll be using the onboard intel GPU and my nvidia GPU but I can't control the slot of the onboard one23:59

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