IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-02-06

Worksterthat might change things, does that work like bumblebee or something or just disables the on board one?00:05
Worksteror gives dual head functionality00:06
jaegerthe idea in this case is to use vfio and vt-d to pass the nvidia GPU straight into a qemu VM00:08
jaegerthe host will use the intel GPU, the guest VM will use the nvidia GPU00:08
jaegerI've tried to get it running a couple times in the past but things were still too immature for my hardware. Going to give it another try soon, though probably not tonight00:09
Worksterah i was gonna do that on my mobo until i found out i can't00:10
Workstersnapshot VM on direct 3D gpu would be awesome00:11
Worksterif it ever got messed up restore to previous image.00:11
Worksterplus no dual booting00:11
Romsterseems is dead01:32
Romstergood thing we have mirrors01:32
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teK_CaaS :P14:12
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frinnstdhcpcd[25879]: forked to background, child pid 2588720:14
frinnstroot@zoidberg:/var/run$ /etc/rc.d/enp4s0--old stop20:14
frinnstdhcpcd[25890]: sending signal TERM to pid 2583420:15
frinnstthat is fucking driving me nuts20:15
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jaegerok, vfio-vga passthrough still doesn't work properly on my main system. Might try it on the steam box later if I get bored21:10
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