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teK_that's great10:07
teK_am heading to birthday partey NAO. I will ping you tonight, frinnst10:07
teK_thanks for your efforts10:07
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frinnstjue: ive gone through the glibc changelogs and found 4 unpatched security issues in our 2.19 port14:39
frinnstwould be nice if upstream backported security fixes.. this is a pain14:41
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/glibc#2.19-5.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.14:42
frinnstwell, it builds atleast14:42
frinnstI run 2.21 on all my systems so cant really test it. would be nice if someone could give it a go14:42
frinnstmoved: rsync -aqz
juefrinnst: thanks for that, will try your port14:46
juehmm, rsync doesn't work, I got nothing14:47
diversefrinnst: good work :)14:48
juefrinnst: are those fixes not in the release/2.19/master branch?14:52
frinnstnope, cherrypicked from master14:52
frinnstrsync -aqz glibc-2.1914:53
diversewould it be better to release crux 3.2 eventually?14:55
frinnstCVE-2015-1472 - 5bd80bfe9ca0d955bfbbc002781bc7b01b6bcb0614:55
frinnstCVE-2104-7817 - a39208bd7fb76c1b01c127b4c61f9bfd915bfe7c14:55
frinnstCVE-2012-3406 - a5357b7ce2a2982c5778435704bcdb55ce3667a014:55
frinnstCVE-2014-9402 - 11e3417af6e354f1942c68a271ae51e892b2814d14:55
frinnst<- CVE-2104-7817 should probably be 2014-781714:55
jueyeah, most likely15:05
juediverse: well, making a new release is a lot of more work than an updated glibc port15:09
juebut everything is thinkable ;)15:10
juefrinnst: builds fine here, will run it on all my hosts15:11
diverseso you are going to try applying those specific commits?15:12
diversejue: or did you build with them successfully?15:15
juefrinnst did that already in the port above15:15
diversefrinnst: good work, really15:16
teK_jue: what's your knowledge about the state of our xfce repo?15:32
teK_while I'm no PHP expert, I think the XSS thingy in portdb/ is fixed.15:36
jueteK_: sorry, no idea, haven't used xfce since years15:38
teK_maybe we switch back to -devel jue, frinnst :-)15:40
frinnstafk for a bit15:41
teK_I will ping sepen once again15:42
teK_if he wont answer, I will act15:42
c0xfrinnst, 'quicksilver'16:27
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diversewell, you have 2 good candidates to maintain the xfce, leo and Romster, although it would be better for leo to manage it because he cares about xfce a ton and Romster doesn't need more ports to maintain16:38
teK_who spoke about xfce? ;)16:39
diverseteK_: that means you are willing to take over?16:39
teK_Iam not16:41
teK_not even using XFCE :)16:41
teK_I waskidding. Let's see what the future is going to change :-)16:41
diversewell, I don't use xfce either, but I think it's important to give new ownership to people who do care the most16:45
diverseplus it means less unhappy xfce users in #crux16:45
teK_we'll see.16:45
c0xребята, а вы знаете, что некоторая значительная часть поставок газа в Европу частично управляется благодаря CRUX16:55
c0xdiverse, utf817:12
diversec0x: I know, I see the Russian font, but what I didn't take into account was that you probably don't see the Japanese font, correct?17:15
frinnstnu ska vi ut p� ub�tsjakt!17:19
diversec0x: In Japanese romaji, I said "roshia wo wakarimasen" which means, "I do not know Russian (language)" as to be tongue-in-cheek about you typing in Russian.17:23
frinnstwow, google translate actually did a good job with my sentence17:30
diversec0x: sorry for teasing you earlier...17:31
c0xguys, and you know that some significant part of gas supplies to Europe partially controlled thanks to CRUX17:32
teK_Russian Gas is transported with the help of CRUX Linux?17:32
diversethat's pretty awesome17:33
frinnstI think he's kidding :)17:33
diversefrinnst: sunglasses emoji doesn't mean he is kidding17:34
frinnstdiverse: I'd like to sell you a bridge17:34
diversec0x: do you have an article to reference that information from?17:37
teK_in a way, CRUX does help make BMW, VW and Audi cars.17:37
c0xне технически, организационно17:38
c0xnot technical, organizational17:38
teK_he is using the funny letters again17:38
teK_we all will have to explain that symbol to our grandchildren :)17:40
frinnstyeah its fucking sad17:40
teK_I hated them17:40
diverseyou guys are making me fall off my chair (in laughter)17:40
teK_external media sucks  either way17:40
frinnstI still have a floppy with my /X userdb backup from -94 or something17:40
teK_don't hurt yourself diverse17:40
teK_ /X?17:40
frinnstyeah /X = amiga express17:41
frinnstbbs server software17:41
teK_yeah.. right. :P17:41
diverseteK_: I'm okay ;)17:41
teK_frinnst: in 94 my dad still had the commodore or switch to intel 286 :)17:41
teK_looks much like bitchx17:42
teK_or the other way round..17:42
frinnstI bought my amiga 1200 with a 80mb disk in -9417:42
teK_80MB? you must have been nuts and or rich :)17:42
frinnstthen upgraded to a whopping 1.08 GB disk17:43
diverseI have about 2 or 3 commodore64s in my garage that I inherited from an uncle of mine. I sold a couple on ebay for some good cash a long time ago.17:43
frinnstit cost as much as the computer itself17:43
frinnst4000SEK = 400EUR17:43
teK_my first disk, I did not have to share with  my brother,  was 1.2GB17:43
teK_good old, slow times :-)17:44
c0xCRUX only17:44
teK_Try harder to make sense, c0x !117:44
diversec0x: I assume you aren't fluent in English?17:46
diverseyou mean "mechanical"? In other words, google translate?17:49
diverseah :)17:50
teK_is there a google trranslate plugin for IM CLients? :>17:52
teK_btw.. is someone here "fluent" with MSSQL? :)17:53
frinnstyes I am17:53
frinnstgo to the control panel17:53
frinnstthen open the programs and features thingy17:53
frinnstfind ms sql17:53
frinnstclick uninstall17:53
frinnstyoure welcome17:53
teK_too bad, I'd loose data and configuration settings worth some hundred thousands of dollars :)17:54
teK_so unfortunately that's no option at themoment17:54
teK_sorry, Euros.17:55
diversefrinnst is on a roll with these punch-lines17:55
teK_he doesnt care that this wont help ;)17:56
diverseI think he cared enough to make you enjoy the joke :)17:56
teK_mildly I did.17:56
c0xyou guys are funny and thanks17:57
diverseI've been enjoying overclocking my system recently. So much nicer to build stuff faster18:23
tvaalenWhatever happened to the prebuilt packages? They never showed up?18:38
tvaalenBuilding Emacs 24.4 now because of incompatibilities with newer plugins. Such a waste of time.18:39
tvaalenI have code to write, damnit.18:39
tvaalenThis is not on crux though. But still.18:39
diversehow long does it take to build emacs?18:45
tvaalenNo idea. I only do it once every few years, and I never remember to time it.18:47
tvaalenIt's more than 30s though, so that's quite annoying.18:47
diverseso what project are you doing?18:52
tvaalenI'm tired of btpd not supporting magnet links. I'm tired of the lack of a simple epub/ebook reader.18:57
tvaalenAnd I have a fever, so I'm thinking: "How hard can it be".18:57
tvaalenAnd twenty minues later the build fails.18:59
tvaalenWrong channel again. Whatever man!18:59
tvaalenSorry for the noise.18:59
diverseI don't think you were being that verbose. You do need some rest though.19:00
diverseit is that much harder if you can't think19:01
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Worksterglad i'm all 64bit there except for mesa3d-32 that wont be much of an issue for crux22:49

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