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Romsterdiverse, i'd be happy to be a in the xfce4 group since i am pretty active but leo would probably be good at maintaining, i'd leave sepen in the same group as well.01:13
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diverseRomster: although leaving sepen in the same group with leo won't work out well at all...05:31
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Worksteri can't see why not sepen told me he be fine with more xfce4 maintainers06:12
Worksteroh and i got email form mike_k saying it's ok if i bump his ports where needed. so i'll fix up broken pyopenssl06:13
Worksterhttpup in core site is down, need to use a local copy of the source.06:14
Romsterhrmm site is crappy slow and times out.07:57
Romsteri'm going though sources seeing what is working what isn't07:57
frinnstseems its the ftp only. Anyways, no reason not to switch to a gnu mirror08:01
Romsterthinking that.08:02
Romsterdunno if httpup host will ever return either08:03
frinnst works fine for me08:04
frinnstoh, httpUP08:04
frinnstcoffee hasnt kicked in yet08:05
Romsteryeah that url works08:05
Romsteri'll go change it on libgmp-32 if you could do the change in core/libgmp08:05
Romsteryeah i noticed the host for httpup is down08:05
Romstermaybe after you've woken up frinnst :)08:08
frinnstwont be able to change it until after work anyways08:09
Romsterdo you just jump on irc before coffee, or anything else lol08:09
frinnstone cup isnt enough XD08:09
Romsterfrinnst, are we safe to commit new xorg server i'm not experiencing any issues. i can do it if there is no reason to hold off any longer.08:19
frinnstSure. along with a notify notice08:19
Romsterah yes update all your input/video drivers!08:23
Romsterwatches the many that do not read.08:23
RomsterteK_, you haven't looked at llvm bump?09:17
teK_I did. Twice. Have to cram up more time in a block tofixit09:54
Romsteroh too much stuffy going on09:55
Romstererr studdy09:55
teK_been working all weekend except one night, when we played an exit game, a friend of mine built09:57
Romsterah need time out from study else you'll burn out.10:03
teK_I just got told they want to extend the project's time into mid July10:06
teK_I want to finish and quit afterwards asap.10:06
teK_current  dateis April 2nd, planned new date  is May 15th10:06
teK_i.e. with May in sight I can keep up the amount of work just a little longer :]10:07
teK_but thanks for the hint10:07
Romsteryeah don't over work, it ends up being less productive and more error prone.10:10
Romstercan't help it sometimes though10:10
teK_that's right. At least I am making good progress and that is rewarding in itself :)10:11
frinnstas long as you avoid negative stress you will probably be alright :)10:14
teK_that's what I'm thinking, too10:21
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Romsteroh xorg-server new dependency xorg-xcb-util-keysyms10:55
frinnstmaybe not rush it then10:58
Romsterwell that dep is in xorg already10:58
Romsterjust had to add it to depends on.10:59
Romsterconfigure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --disable-config-dbus11:00
Romsterand lookng into that11:00
Romsterits as if dbus is now gone11:02
frinnst.. or required11:08
Romsternope built in a container (docker) no dbus is installed.11:10
Romsterand i have dbus on my system and it's not linked to it.11:12
Romsterlooks to be only needed on systemd but that crap is disabled.11:13
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Romsterdo we even have that ati fglrx binary driver that gl-select use ati, uses anymore?11:29
Romstermaking a README for xorg-server
teK_me: do regular inserts and deletes increase the rollback/undo buffers of mssql, we only have 40GB left until the new server will arrive in ~ 5 weeks12:08
teK_answer: not if you do regular full backups12:09
teK_the "techie" has a master in economics12:09
teK_this is negative stress12:09
Romster~5 weeks that's slow for production12:11
teK_they are "handmade" in Augsburg, Germany :)12:15
teK_I dont care about that12:15
teK_its the answer wthats not helpful at all12:15
Romsteri'd say screw em and wait before doing all them transactions12:16
Romsterelse attach more SANs to it or something.12:17
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teK_not an option, no time and no m oney for that13:35
teK_this is data migration tests so I have to insert/delete stuff in a bulky way..13:36
teK_you probably know this: still I like that very much13:52
frinnstdepending on the usage. i actually think i prefer the classic view13:54
frinnstfor own projects the condensed view would be pretty nifty13:54
teK_the git lg -p thingy is useful imho13:54
teK_let alone that it's awesome that git itself supports aliases13:54
jaegerhaving "fun" with backups here, too13:57
jaegerlearning how to use the tape system13:58
jaegerRomster: I believe sepen used to maintain fglrx, I'm not aware of any currently active one14:00
jaegerspooky! woo14:02
frinnsthehe yeah I read about that14:06
frinnsthm, how the fvck do you find dropped packets with iputils2? ifconfig <dev> used to show it14:22
frinnstah, ip -s link show <dev>14:23
jaegerstill seeing the gallium_drv_video mismatch in mesa3d14:29
frinnstsaw it too here at work14:30
frinnstdont think i see it at home, but not sure14:30
jaegera quick note about the xorg-server readme: you can't remove the nvidia module while it's active15:03
teK_postfix 3.0.0 out15:06
jaegerI like the new table options, sound neat15:18
teK_I lake the safety-net thingy for configs15:21
teK_I want to  switch to 3.0 in opt for  good :)15:21
diversejaeger: I keep seeing that as well16:06
diverseI always keep getting that mismatch, but I thought it was me and it wasn't missing anyway.16:09
jaegerI haven't tested it in a clean env yet16:09
diverseteK_: That thread is interesting, I hope a camera flash doesn't crash my computer16:16
jaegerIs your computer an rpi2?16:16
diverseno, but the motherboard is exposed16:16
diverseokay, so it's mostly because of how the power supply chip is made, having semiconductor material for compact packaging16:38
diversejaeger: it's an interesting physics effect, when light emits powerful enough photons to literally knock of electrons from the circuit, causing the machine to shutdown.16:48
diverseall and all, it'16:54
diverses not something we have to worry about16:54
jueRomster: rebuilding of drivers is only necessary for major updates, not for something like 1.16.2 -> 1.16.317:28
diversehey jue, how are the glibc patches doing so far?17:29
juediverse: no problems so far17:39
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