IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-02-10

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diversejust wow16:14
frinnstwhat a troll16:30
frinnstdidnt know esr was still around16:31
frinnstbut he is kinda crazy16:31
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teK_he is a gun nut18:27
prologicRomster, Workster What packages did you say I *should not* remove from the default CRUX image? Seems I've forgotten to update the image :/20:03
prologicBeen super busy with work and family :/20:03
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Romsterprologic, httpup and kmod21:55
Romsterther the main two i keep adding to be able to update eudev and to pull in foo.httpup repos21:55
Romsterelse ports -u just skips httpup and does not even warn or error or anything21:56
prologicRomster: any others I should re-add?22:31
prologicI'm rebuilding the image today22:31
prologicapparently I forgot to re the shellshock thing22:31
Worksterwell i keep using vim to edit conf files22:32
Worksterbut isn't there a way to do that without adding a text editor to the image?22:33
Worksterprologic, also i'm lookng at trying jenkins and making Docker files for each port to test them22:34
Worksterthat'll pull in crux and sysup and prt-get depinst foo22:34
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prologicyou edit files inside the container itself?22:58
prologicas it's running live?22:58
Worksteris there a better way?23:04
Worksterlike docker edit <hash>:/etc/prt-get.conf23:05
Worksterother than making a docker file which i should do.23:05
Worksterafk job23:05

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