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prologicmake it part of your image?00:20
prologicDocker is meant to encourage immutable infrastructure00:20
prologicand contains of services00:20
Romsterguess it doens't offer a way to edit files externally.01:14
Romsteri'll start making Docker files of my changes01:14
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prologicyou can01:37
prologicyour images(s) should be designed such taht they can be portable from one system to another01:38
prologicthat's the Docker way01:38
prologicbut I guess you can abuse the ecosystem and tools :)01:38
Romsteri know that01:38
prologicif you have your "config files" and "persistent data" in volumes01:38
prologicyou can manipulate them outside of the container01:38
prologicmaking the container portable and more repeatable01:38
prologicdata is just data01:38
Romsterdepends if its jsut for my own use i do what the heck i want. if i'm sharing it for others i'd do it in a way it's portable01:39
Romsteri think i'm gonna write a new tool cruxcfg so i can do crap like "cruxcfg --enable-ports contrib compat-32"01:40
Romsterthan sed the hell in docker.01:40
Romsteri now i can pull an image make changes and commit but making a Docker file is far better for sharing.01:51
RomsterRUN mv /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive /etc/ports/contrib.rsync && sed -i -e 's|^#\(prtdir /usr/ports/contrib\)|\1|' /etc/prt-get.conf01:52
Romstershould do that.01:52
Romsteractually i can shorten that with mv /etc/ports/contrib.rsync{.inactive,}01:53
prologiceven for your own uses it's often useful to eb repeatable and portable03:15
prologicYou don't need a new tool03:15
prologicjust use crux/base as your base image03:16
prologicthis is based off crux itself with contrin enable and a ports -u run03:16
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prologicRomster, I'll be pushing up ports for docker swarm, compose and machine tonight hopefully09:16
prologicas well as an updated crux image with jaeger's updated ISO09:17
Romsterprologic, k10:24
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diverseteK_: have you thought of a way to parse the `source=()` in the pkgfile?15:43
diverseI don't know if I can extract $source's value as an env var in the child process15:44
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jaegerdoes chromium really require clang?16:46
jaegerI guess it does by default but can be disabled, theoretically16:49
jaegerThe requirement for API keys to use chromium features also strikes me as really odd; Anyone know off the top which features require the keys?16:53
teK_diverse: I have been in the office for the past eleven hours, so no I didn't think about that.18:43
diversesigh, the whole source=() thing has been bothering me now19:20
diverseor rather, parsing the bash vars in general19:21
diverseit's simple to have the bash process fly on the build function, but the vars...19:22
diverse(of course it's not simple)19:24
diverseteK_: oh I just got a random idea now. Why didn't I think of this? So first have a bash process read Pkgfile and do all the processing/value-substituting and have that outputted in a Pkgfile.tmp file (while at it, append a new line with 'build'), extract both the header and var info, and then use a 2nd bash process to execute the build function on the tmp file. Hence having bash do the work for me. :)19:39
teK_that is, sort of what I thought about yesterday, too19:41
teK_gotta go, work is calling again :)19:41
diverseoh, you should have told me! :D19:41
diversewell at least I'm optimistic now19:43
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diverseteK_: did you have any hesitation on that idea?21:49
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teK_it may happen that you just reimplment the plain and easy pkgmk using this approach but in a different language22:53
teK_which sucks22:53
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