IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-02-13

Worksterarn't you making the base image in a docker container then use that for your crux:latest00:03
Worksterin the process you can trim it down to not make the actual iso or opt/xorg ports just the essential core ports00:04
Worksterhmm why haven't upstream released new tarballs for them before releasing the server00:11
jaegerFeel free to ask them, I have no idea00:12
Worksterguess they expected the packagers to find and apply patches. or thye didn't realise until after. and still don't release new versions.00:17
Worksteri doubt i'd get anywhere by asking them00:17
jaegerIt didn't take long for me to find the appropriate patches in git, fortunately00:17
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Workstertrue you found them easily.00:42
Worksterthank goodness for irc log don't have to go and see did you get my message...00:42
jaegerbecause the git commits were named well00:42
jaegerer, the commit comments were good, I should say00:43
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prologicWorkster: I do rebuild the base image in a container; but I essentially wait for jeager to update the iso, download, mount, pkgadd -r /path/to/rootfs * and tar it up00:48
jaegerI've got another ISO build started after those xorg driver updates, will take a few hours00:49
prologicjeager: awesome :)00:49
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prologicI blame the keyboard :)00:53
Worksterprologic, so did you add in httpup and kmod?, not that much of a deal breaker if you don't. i can just do that to my image.00:53
jaegerNot a problem, but if you've addressed something to me recently and didn't get a response, it's likely because irssi didn't highlight it :)00:53
prologicit's better than swapping out o and w :)00:53
prologicI've seen that happen00:54
prologicwell damnit irc clients should be smarter about nickname highlighting00:54
prologicwith common mis typos :)00:54
prologicalso live kernel patching is new00:54
prologicnot sure how we'd ever take advantage of it with crux00:55
prologicwe tend to build "holw" kernels00:55
Romsterkde 40 rsync alan+crux at mizrahi dot com dot ve
Romsterwhy is that still on crux 2.5?01:39
Romsteralanco mentioned awhile ago about getting it bumped.01:39
Romsterrsync is on 2.5 his repo is on 3.0 and he wanted to push to 3.1 branch that he hasn't done yet.01:40
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frinnstjaeger do you have a open-vm-tools port? the version in contrib seems very broken13:54
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jaegerfrinnst: I don't currently, I've been using the official tools in my VMs15:42
frinnstok. Mailed alan about it and he was quick to respond. Its still broken though. He said he'd look into it next week15:54
frinnstfuck it anyways, *weekend*15:54
jaegerprologic: the last updated ISO has bash 4.3.33 on it for what that's worth. Uploading a new one today, though16:19
jaegerok, new one is uploaded16:26
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prologicjaeger, thanks :)21:15
prologicBash 4.3.20+ fixes shellshock afaik21:15
prologicso great :)21:15
jaegerso why did you say the "later" ISO didn't have a fixed bash? what did you mean by later? I assumed you were referring to the latest updated ISO21:23

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