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prologicI meant the one you built in jan :)00:17
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jaegeryeah, it had 4.3.3301:16
prologicyeah I think it was 4.3.18 back in Jan01:17
prologicI can't keep up :)01:17
prologicjaeger, you know much about rack cabinets, chasis, etc?01:17
jaegera little01:21
prologicI'm just being silyl I think and making 100% sure01:23
prologicthat this 482mm (19") server will fit into my 505mm (19") D rack cabinet01:24
prologicalthough I plan on moving the front posts back a bit to properly fit the patch panel and cables I just recently put in01:24
prologicso the post<->post may end up being 482mm -- exactly 19" D01:24
prologiccall me paranoid :)01:25
jaegerI imagine it'll fit fine but without seeing it no way to know for sure01:27
prologicyeah that's my same thought too01:30
prologicoh well02:41
prologicit's purchased :)02:41
Romsterwh am i unsubscribed form crux-commits and now is apparently an invalid email address.03:09
Romsterwhy am*03:10
Romsterwont even accept my gmail one.03:11
jaegerprobably the same issue we had with the crux list, I'll try to remember what the fix was03:13
Romsterstrange it just happens?03:19
Romsteror was there updates recently done03:19
jaegerIt didn't quite just happen, it happened as a result of the SSL switch03:19
Romsterguess it eventually timed out. did say i had too many failed attempts and then it unsubscribed me.03:20
Romsterbut all i really have atm is emails forwared to gmail for now. but i plan to run my own mail server.03:21
Romsterbut using the vanity name makes it easy to migrate03:21
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Romsterjaeger, teK_ jue i can not add to the wiki due to this https redirection12:53
Romsterglad i saved the text before submitting.12:54
jueRomster: confirmed, hope that teK_ will find some time to fix that13:06
Romsteri saved what i was gonna add to a text file for now.13:07
Romsterjue kde4 repo on ports atabase needs looking at it needs a 3.1 git branch and the rsync file is on 2.5 branch whule alan has a 3.0 branch but he has asked in the past to get it to 3.113:13
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jueI've removed the kde repo (the old 2.5 branch) and added kde4 from 3.0 to our portdb, as soon as Alan has a 3.1 branch we can switch to that13:56
Romstercool that's a start14:25
Romsterbeen largely neglected.14:25
Romsterhopefully it rsyncs from git to 3.0 as well jue14:26
RomsterUpdating file list from
Romsternot yet i guess on next push or can you run the git hook for that manually14:27
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frinnstjaeger could you push your latest iso changes?16:14
frinnstim interested in keeping a crux iso with the latest kernel close at hand16:14
frinnstand im sure a lot of folks in #btrfs would find it very useable too16:14
frinnstseems silly to duplicate the work16:15
jaegeron that subject, any reason I should NOT just use the master branch for updates between releases?16:25
jaegerwe typically don't use master branches for anything but it seems like a reasonable use case when it comes to the ISO16:26
Romsterthought using master and tag releases for iso.git would make sense16:35
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frinnstyeah for the iso I agree its very useful17:08
frinnstnot so much for ports17:08
frinnstjust tagging the iso on release should be enough17:16
Romstercan always use a testing branch and merge into master when working on a new crux version.17:19
Romsterbut then that makes no sense as once you tag a release that's it for that release.17:20
diversethat's the point of git, branch out as much as you want, throw away the crap and merge the good stuff in17:21
Romsteri tend to use git stash a bit too.17:21
diversejaeger: the nvidia patch makes it work for 3.18 kernels now?17:27
frinnstChangeset opt.git 017e..f9aa committed by Matt Housh: nvidia: added set_busid fix for kernels 3.18+, fixes FS#113917:28
jaegerIf nobody has an objection I'll push my stuff into the master branch, then17:51
jaegerI guess it's unlikely that anyone will object since nobody uses it :)18:01
jaegerdiverse: it actually worked fine with 3.18 already, just threw some errors in the system logs18:05
diversec0x: kernel version18:06
jaeger3.18.x kernels18:06
frinnstgo nuts jaeger18:12
c0xgwx:~# uname -a18:12
c0xLinux gwx 3.18.1 #1 SMP Tue Jan 6 15:48:11 YEKT 2015 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux18:12
Romsterjaeger, i'd say do it, it makes sense to me.18:35
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