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juefrinnst: IIRC you have/had some issues with dhcpcd?12:18
juefrinnst: I've added the last 3 tickets to, is that something you see as well?12:21
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frinnstoption --exit doesn't work if dhcpcd has been started with --ipv4only. <- yeah i saw that12:50
frinnstyeah seems like a few of the issues i came across12:51
jueok, if you have others please add a ticket, would be nice to have less bugs in dhcpcd ;)12:59
frinnstagreed. I was busy  getting it to work and forgot to report any bugs :)13:21
frinnstbtw i rewrote a couple of service files to use start-stop-daemon13:22
frinnstone issue I had before i "fixed" my local configuration was that after a bootup ip-tables blocked *everything*13:35
frinnstfunny thing was, i had recieved my ip address and iptables was configured correctly. reloading the iptables config resolved all issues13:36
frinnsti did a iptables-save > asdf before and after a reload and ran a diff between the outputs13:36
frinnstnothing was changed..13:36
frinnstalso unless i pass -t 10 I wont recieve an IP on the first attempt13:37
juehmm, that's strange because the default value for -t is 3016:34
jueat least that's what the man-page says ...16:35
juethanks for testing ssd, your opinion about it? should we use it?16:36
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jaegerI haven't had a chance to test it yet but I like the idea for what that's worth16:45
jueindeed, it's nice16:46
jueI think it can do anything we need, like swithing user or wait unil process shutdown16:49
diversefrinnst: fluxbox 1.3.7 is out, please update :)16:50
juejaeger: I think, at all, it's worth adding it to core16:51
jueso we can use it everywhere needed16:51
jaegerI have no objection16:56
jaegerDo you think we should officially use it in 3.2?17:04
jaegerfrinnst: I'll push my local ISO into iso/master today, sorry for the delay17:06
jaegerI'm thinking the easiest way to do that is merge 3.1 into master with the "ours" strategy, then push my local updates to it17:08
jaegeror maybe just force overwrite master... does anyone care about the master branch's git history?17:12
jaegernever mind, that will screw up others, I'll do the merge route17:14
juejaeger: yeah, I think we should use it, but I'm unsure about the timing17:17
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jueI mean, is it necessary to wait until 3.2 or can we add it right now?17:18
jaegerI don't see any harm in adding it now, I just meant 3.2 for switching scripts over to it officially17:19
jaegerthough if you want to do it sooner than that I wouldn't complain, that shouldn't be a big problem17:19
jueok, fine17:20
jaegerYour branch is ahead of 'origin/master' by 274 commits.17:26
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jaegerfrinnst: ok, my local stuff should be up, let me know if anything looks odd17:36
frinnstjue: im fucking in love with it18:09
frinnstIts probably a good idea to introduce it now'ish18:10
frinnstit will give others some time to adapt their stuff to it18:11
jaegertrue, nice benefit there18:11
frinnstits not like the old scripts will stop working18:11
frinnst*walking dead*18:11
juegood, will add it later or probably tomorrow :)18:14
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diverseteK_: ping18:37
jaegerThere is no teK_, there is only ZUUL18:37
diversesigh, what happened to teK_?18:48
frinnstdiverse: im not the fluxbox maintainer18:56
frinnstThe website is temporarily in static offline mode.18:57
frinnstOnly a very limited set of project pages are available until the main website returns to service.18:57
frinnstah, works again21:42
Romsteryes it worked21:44
Romsteri threw it on my
prologicRomster: crux Docker image will be merged/updated soon21:48
prologicgot one LGTM in the PR :)21:48
prologicneed two more21:48
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