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diversefuck it, I really hate flash, die you POS!01:19
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Romsterdid flash say freeze07:42
diverseit said "sorry, I can't handle a 60fps video, despite how powerful your computer is"08:50
diversemeaning, when I play only one, it renders my machine to a crawl08:51
diverseso, like jaeger, I want to kick flash in the nuts so hard, they literally inverse themselves inside it08:58
frinnstgrr, the coffee machine is being serviced09:02
frinnst10 more minutes.. grr09:03
diversehow long has it been serviced in total?09:07
diversehopefully the coffee machine is ready now09:16
frinnstit is \o/09:16
diverseteK_: where the heck are you?10:25
frinnstbusy with stuff? what do you need?10:40
frinnstthrow him an email10:40
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frinnstlatest patches for unzip stolen from here:
Romsterwhy do we even use unzip isn't libarchive good enough21:41
Romsterheck i even use 7zip at work.21:42
prologiccan libarchive handle zipz?22:02
diverseno. Based on my rewriting from libarchive code, it only handles tar archives and its compression companions. I see 'zip' as a closed format combination of both archive and compression.22:14
diversewhere as with tar, you can choose your favorite compression22:17
diversebut you guys know that anyway22:18
prologicwell that answers the question then of "why unzip"22:33
prologicthat's why22:33
jaegergrrr... so I've mentioned in here a few times that I've been fighting with getting a vga passthrough VM going for virtualized gaming22:34
jaegerI took my SSDs out and tossed an extra HDD in the box, installed Fedora 21, set up the same thing and it works22:35
jaegerso annoying22:35
jaegerat least now I know my hardware isn't at fault, just have to figure out what the hell the configuration or kernel difference is22:35
diversewell, testing different distros is a pretty smart way to find out22:43
diversehey prologic, did you upgrade your lan switches to 1Gbps?22:48
prologicnot yet22:48
prologicthe sw is sitting on the pool table at home atm22:48
prologicmy cage nuts and 0.25m Cat6 cables should be arriving today22:49
prologicso I'll rack it up this evening22:49
diverse'cage nuts'?22:54
jaegerI hate cage nuts with a passion22:55
jaegerbecause it's rather easy to murder your fingers for no good reason :) Everyone should just make snap-in rails instead :P22:56
prologicI haven't found them to be too painful22:58
prologicoh well :)22:58
diverseI see, you use these to how the switch mounted on the wall22:58
prologicerr well no22:59
prologicmounted to the rack posts22:59
prologicbasically most rack mounted stuff comes with L-shaped brackets22:59
prologicwhere they go over the rack mount holes and you bolt them in23:00
prologicwith a cage nut and bolt23:00
diversethanks for the pictures23:01
prologicyou sounded/looked like you'd never seen rack equipment before? :)23:02
diverseso you are going for more of a mainframe style setup23:02
prologicif that's how you relate - sure :)23:02
diverseno I've seen them before23:02
prologicI'd use the term "server room" or "mini DC"23:02
diversethat works too23:02
diverseanyway, just because you phrase it the way you do, doesn't mean I can alway make the connection in my head, that's why images help23:04
Worksterjaeger, was that with crux originally at work? for thew VM pass though?23:04
diverseheh, I guess I'm feeling tired after having my blood drawn for testing today23:10
Worksterthey don't take much blood for that23:24
Worksterbeen there23:24
Worksterrack nuts other than dropping the buggers i haven't injured myself on them23:25
Worksterbut it's not something i work on a lot of23:26
jaegerWorkster: originally I started investigating it for gaming at home so I wouldn't have to boot into windows23:33
jaegerwith that said, it could benefit some of our linux users here at work who want to run the occasional bit of windows software that needs 3d for some neuroscience processing23:33
prologicwhat tools are you using jaeger?23:39
prologicvirtualbox on crux?23:39
jaegerqemu/kvm, virtualbox doesn't support vga passthrough23:40
jaegerit's pretty new23:40
prologicso it's a new kvm feature?23:41
prologicpassing the guest video directly to the host gpu?23:41
jaegeryeah, somewhat new. Passing a GPU completely to the VM23:42
jaegerIn this case I have an i7-4790K which has Intel HD4600 integrated graphics23:42
jaegerI have an nvidia GeForce GTX 970 in the machine as well23:42
prologicI wish I could test/try it out on my esktop at home23:42
prologicbut what would I boot up? :)23:42
jaegerThe onboard intel graphics run the main system and the 970 gets used solely by the VM23:42
prologicI have no copy of Windows23:42
jaegerIt doesn't have to be windows, that's just what I want it for23:43
prologicmaybe I could bootup a crux vm23:43
prologicand pass it's video through to my onboard gpu23:43
prologicI use an nvidia gpu on the host23:43
prologicIntel HD* something onboard23:43
jaegerYour CPU and motherboard need to support VT-d for it to work23:44
jaegercurrently passing an intel onboard GPU doesn't work but discrete GPUs do23:44
prologicwill passing a discrete gpu to a vm even work whilst the host is also using it?23:54
jaegerno, the host has to ignore it completely23:57
prologicso I'd have to switch to my onboard gpu23:58
prologicI'm not going to do that because of the performance requirements of compiz+ezoom :)23:59

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