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diverseRomster: btw, I worked on porting the DepResolver code from prt-get. With some expert assistance in rewriting, I can now brag that my dependency resolving should be much faster B)02:46
prologicYou can't get much faster than a graph or tree algo? :)02:54
diverseprologic: depending how it's written? Yes.02:56
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diverseprologic: more specifically, I was able to switch from using maps to hashmaps and a linked list to a vector, hence a huge drop in cycles. You would probably be wondering why use a vector, that's because I can manually re-evaluate the length of vector when it grows instead.07:32
prologicI get the use of a vector07:36
prologicbut I don't see what the difference is between a map and hashmap?07:36
prologicAren't they synonymous?07:36
prologicdict, mpa, hashmap07:36
prologicall mean the same thing to me07:36
diverseC++'s map is ordered, hashmaps aren't07:36
prologicso you're talking about ordered dicts vs. unordered dicts07:37
prologiclangauges that offer this should be *more clear*07:37
diverseand Rust is very clear about this07:37
prologicI mean in the name :)07:39
prologicWhat does Rust call an OrderedDict?07:39
diversea TreeMap07:39
diversea more optimized one is BTreeMap07:39
prologicweird :)07:41
diversesame with the sets, BTreeSet and HashSet07:41
diversewell it's only weird, because you are used python terminology07:42
prologicno not really07:43
prologiclook them up on wikipedia too :)07:43
diversenot the point, at least the map and sets types self-explain the algorithms they use.07:46
diverseand if you don't know what a tree or a btree is, your ignorance is your problem07:47
prologicharsh :)07:53
diversewell I found your "weird" comment just as harsh07:53
prologicouch :)07:56
diversesigh, I got trolled... :(07:59
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frinnst\o/ jue :D12:30
jueobjections if I drop the rsa1 key creation from the sshd rc script?12:37
jaegernone here14:14
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