IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-02-21

Romsterdon't even use rsa1 either +100:32
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frinnstthere are probably old crap that still needs it. but I agree its a sane default to remove it10:08
jueyep, my thoughts as well10:10
juefrinnst: your glibc patches are working fine for me, hadn't seen anything suspicious with it10:11
jueI'd say it's save to use10:11
frinnstRomster: what kind of connection does have?16:34
frinnstmaybe its just due to the distance, but it seems very slow16:34
juefrinnst: thanks16:38
frinnstquite tricky to find the issues and backport them16:39
frinnsti'd love for some upstream glibc pointreleases..16:40
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Romsterfrinnst, its on 100mbit23:58
Romstercan't be that slow it's in a datacenter23:58

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