IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2015-02-22

Romsterthat's a ton of CVEs for glibc.00:52
jaeger unrelated to crux, just cool :)01:00
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Romsterfrinnst, can you do a traceroute to and tell me if the hop before the site is when it's going slow?07:33
Romsternevermind i'm getting it sorted. routing issues08:16
Romsterfrinnst, should be hell of a lot faster now09:21
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jaegershould we consider changing pkgadd to default to NOT upgrading all rc.d scripts?20:25
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frinnstI added a ticked with regards to pkgadd.conf21:01
jaegerI agree it's worth another look21:09
frinnstyeah its easily overlooked between releases21:29
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diversewhat's the deal on start-stop-daemons? Do I have to remove manually remove some files?21:54
prologicYou just need to install it by hand22:00
prologicbefore trying to restart sshd22:01
prologicfrinnst: so what's the deal with restart and upgrades?22:01
prologicIs this just an issue with "some" daemons?22:01
diverseso that means I need to temporarly remove the daemon files and reinstall the new files22:19
diversealso I got a C++ question22:20
diverseif anyone doesn't mind helping me22:21
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prologicI'm no C++ dev :)22:37
prologicbut maybe I can help22:37
diversewell, if you are familiar with std::string, is doing `cppstring[1] == 0` basically checking if it contains only one char?22:42
frinnstI dont want to be a dick diverse, but thats a bit offtopic for #crux-devel22:46
frinnstzzz for real22:47
diversefrinnst: sorry about that. It's a bit relevant to the prt-get code here:
diverseI've should have explained that earlier22:48
prologicdiverse: hmm version comparision huh22:49
prologicuse a library for this?22:50
prologicthere *have* to be many version comparision libraires/functions out ethere (even in a lang as new as Rust!)22:50
diverse(well I already bothered to write most of the code already)22:51
diverseanyway, let's take this to a pm22:51
prologicSo this is the issue with dovecot23:26
prologicwith and without start-stop-daemon23:26
prologicand there is no other way to solve this -- other than to bring in Debian's start-stop-daemon utility?23:26

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