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Romsteri thought firefox tarball was huge...02:07
Romsterfixed my mirror.02:09
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Romsterd79f8d232f2ad3d501ac5ff5ca4ecbe8  thunderbird-31.5.0.source.tar.bz216:07
Romsterjust fixed up
Romstermozilla must of done it with all there files.16:08
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frinnstyeah please remove16:33
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teK_jue, jaeger, frinnst20:04
teK_wrong window20:04
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frinnstteK_: for xfce? +122:02
frinnstand please delete the latest sources for thunderbird and firefox on your mirror if you can22:03
frinnstrereleased tarballs22:04
jaegerteK_: I assume as well you mean for XFCE. no objection here22:06
frinnstand you need to bump bind, gnupg22:10
teK_oh boy22:26
teK_I am working somewhere between 12 and 15 hours 7 days a week atm22:29
teK_I think that it will stay this way for another two-three weeks. Availability/updates should keep up after that22:30
jaegerI will be out of town from wednesday until monday next week, if someone needs to update my stuff while I'm gone, go ahead22:32
teK_and I just discovered that house of cards s03 was released TODAY22:34
teK_I cannot stress enough that I am happy to see GTA 5 delayed again. :P22:35
jaegerany of you planning to get bloodborne?22:35
teK_hearing that phrase first time22:35
jaegerbinge watching house of cards? :)22:35
teK_hehe no22:36
teK_asking bing (yeah, sure...) what bloodborne is22:36
jaegerah, heh22:36
jaegerIt's a PS4 game made by the same folks who made Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 222:36
teK_I meant it when I wrote 7 days of work, no bingewatching :)22:36
teK_yeah.. Platform: PlayStation 422:36
jaegerstop working so much22:36
teK_< pc master race only, sorry :\\22:36
jaegerI'm mostly a PC gamer but I want bloodborne22:37
jaegerso I'll get a PS4 when it comes out next month22:37
teK_jaeger: there's a date pinned to our go-live so no slacking for me. There is a maser thesis that wants to get written, too22:37
teK_hehe you REALLY want to play that one, I guess22:37
jaegerthere's a big difference between slacking and working too much22:37
teK_I can tell :D22:37
jaegeryeah, definitely. The souls games are some of my favorites22:37
jaegerDemon's Souls and Dark Souls are the only games I've ever gotten 100% of the trophies or achievements for22:38
teK_always been more of a 1st/3rd person shooter guy. Although I *loved* the story of GTA San Andreas..22:38
teK_sounds like a lot of slacking.. errr work :D22:38
jaegersan andreas was great, yeah. Looking forward to GTA 522:39
teK_a friend of mine has a PS4. Will be visiting next week. Maybe he plans to get that game, too22:39
jaegerI already work 40+ hours per week for my job, heh22:39
teK_I started playing UT2K4 with my son :))22:39
teK_yes, electiricty bills and food are a req. for playing games ;)22:40
jaegerof course22:40
jaegermy point was that 7 days a week 12-15 hours is way too much22:40
jaegerunhealthy, even22:40
teK_I feeling quite well22:40
teK_and I'm surprised by that fact, too.22:41
jaegeralright, I'll butt out, then22:41
teK_it's positives stress, I hope :>22:41
jaegerhard to imagine such a thing22:42
teK_next stop: torrent tracker of choice as source for a certain season22:42
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teK_.. 600 seeders per episode.. this is crazy ;)22:45
teK_Kevin Spacey <322:45
diverseteK_: did you update fluxbox?22:47
diverse1.3.7 is out22:48
teK_you don't really love me, you are just eager for updates :|22:49
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frinnstoh right, house of cards22:51
teK_I order you to watch House of Lies, too22:51
diverseteK_: what do you mean? It hasn't been the same without you here for a while.22:56
frinnstI have a bind 9.10.2 port with a start-stop-daemon rc if you'd like22:56
teK_diverse: hehe :P22:57
teK_9.10 is the "short-lived" branch, right?22:57
teK_in boring meetings I tried to catch up with our systemd-discussions on the ML btw22:58
teK_some folks felt poettered, I suppose :D22:59
frinnstsome folks needs to relax22:59
frinnstI stopped reading that thread pretty early on22:59
diverseteK_: for example, I wouldn't have somebody to ask about programming questions to, without frinnst getting upset at me. ;)23:00
frinnst <- fuck that guy23:00
teK_the thing is... can he prove his argument wrt reliability?23:01
teK_diverse: I can get upset if you like, too23:01
frinnstno, its just bullshit23:01
frinnstanwyays, that killed the thread for me23:01
teK_if he could prove that it'd be worth a discussion.23:03
frinnstsure, but its all bullshit23:03
diverseteK_: then you wouldn't be 'loved' anymore ;P23:05
diversefrinnst: anyway, don't worry about that guy, he is just a systemd nut23:06
teK_I doubt that23:07
teK_I am going to consider 9.10 and your port, thx frinnst23:08
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diverseteK_: well to me, it looks like he is taking the start-stop-daemon switch as an excuse to persuad up to using systemd as a 'better' approach23:09
diverse*persuade us23:09
teK_he just lost my attention, then :)23:10
diverseI see it as a troll tactic23:11
teK_roelof would be upset :>23:11
diversewell, there are different kinds of tactics, but his is just nasty.23:12
diverseroelof's I mean23:13

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