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diverseleo-unglaub: you became the xfce maintainer?02:30
Romsteri think it's going to be a group with sepen and leo-unglaub in it?02:32
Romsterwould make more sense sepen has little time but still uses xfce and does make changes when needed.02:33
diversewell, I got to say, I'm impressed by what's being offered here:
diversethe alt-tab window is really neat by far02:37
diversespeaking of which, teK_, does fluxbox have a tabwin feature to enable? I do alt-tab and nothing shows up.02:38
leo-unglaubdiverse: i have gotton acces rights, ey02:39
diverseawesome, I'm happy for you02:39
leo-unglaubi have already 40% of xfce4.12 running02:40
diversestill building the rest of the components?02:41
leo-unglaubi am going thru all ports in there and fixing every one02:41
Romsterleo-unglaub, mind running thought he patches i've done in
leo-unglaubnot just bumping up the version number02:41
Romstersome stuff was broken.02:41
Romsterunless the new versions don't need these patches anymore.02:42
leo-unglaubRomster: i will take a loot at it02:42
leo-unglaubsome patched are propobly neede02:42
Romsteralso the dependency tree for xfce4 is crap i fixed what i found in the deptree02:42
leo-unglaubyeah, thats whats taken the most time02:42
leo-unglaubrebuilding every fucking thing in an empty dependency tree02:42
Romster grab that edit where it saves too diff -pruN old new02:43
Romstersweet i /always/ do that now with docker.02:43
Romsterwhat are you using for the clean environment?02:43
Romstermkdir -p $HOME/docker/crux/${PKG_PORT}/{packages,log,ports}02:44
Romsterdocker run -i -t -v /var/cache/ccache:/var/cache/ccache \02:44
Romster-v $HOME/docker/crux/${PKG_PORT}/log:/var/log/pkgbuild \02:44
Romster-v $HOME/docker/crux/${PKG_PORT}/packages:/var/ports/packages \02:44
Romster-v $HOME/docker/crux/${PKG_PORT}/ports:/usr/ports --name="${PKG_PORT}" romster/crux-base02:44
Romsterports -u ; prt-get depinst foo02:44
leo-unglauba virtual box with snapshots02:44
Romsterjob done.02:44
Romstereee not bad but docker is better for this.02:44
Romsterand faster.02:44
Romsteri can spin up 10 or 20 instances in a few seconds02:44
leo-unglaubthat sounds very nice02:45
leo-unglaubi will have a look at it for sure!02:45
Romsterand i share ccache with my host ^02:45
Romsterso depinst is fast.02:45
Romsteronly minor catch atm is if clang is used force rebuild ccache for clang support02:46
leo-unglaubi have never worked with docker before02:46
Romsterplan to add fakeroot and drop to a user too, but i haven't done that yet.02:46
Romsterpretty easy leo-unglaub02:46
Romsterif you prt-get depinst docker then /usr/share/docker/check-config.sh02:47
Romstersee what kernel options your missing and rebuild your kernel.02:47
Romsterthen that command above will just work.02:47
leo-unglaubawesome, i will do that tomorrow ...02:48
Romsterdocker ps --all ; docker help run02:48
leo-unglaubit's fucking 3:40 at night ..... i have to get up in 4 hours02:48
Romsterthen there is docker start and docker attach02:48
Romsterthink of it like screen attach to a terminal.02:48
Romsteri wouldn't suggest to do it right now but. it will make life easy02:49
Romsterdocumentation is good and if your really stuck ask me or prologic02:49
Romsterless over head than a VM02:49
Romsterleo-unglaub, if you like you can give me the xfce tree your working on and i can test dependencies when you think you got them all02:50
leo-unglaubRomster: yeah, specially the ccache sounds awesome02:50
Romsterit makes a huge difference.02:51
leo-unglaubRomster: nice idea02:51
leo-unglaubthanks, i am going to take you up on that offer02:51
Romsterwhere ever you mount ccache be sure to edit /var/cache/ccache/ccache.conf and set the size.02:51
Romster1GB is small i use 20GB02:52
Romstermax_size = 19.9G02:52
Romsterbut i got that in it's own partiton.02:52
Romsterleo-unglaub, ping me when your awake and not busy. i'm off for 2 weeks holiday but i'll be around here a lot02:53
Romsteralso don't do anything when tired... i've learned the hard way.02:53
Romsterfinding bugs is harder than doing the thing when not fatigued02:54
leo-unglaubhehe, indeed02:54
Romsterif you do it when tired you'll go wtf was i thinking later02:54
leo-unglaubit am just so horney about the new xfce features ... i want them ... and i want them hard *g*02:54
Romsterthat's one way of putting it.02:55
leo-unglaubbut you are right .. i need a break ... when you have to up the fontsize because you cannot read it anymore ... you need some sleep02:55
Romsterdefinitely and having a fresh mind is easier to spot mistakes.02:57
leo-unglaubsee you guys later :)02:57
leo-unglaubgood night02:57
Romsteri'm heading out this fine overcast day02:57
Romsterg'night leo-unglaub02:57
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