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Romsterdid anyone forge to patch mesa3d-32 or not needed?01:51
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jaegerI just got home, I'll take a look at it04:07
Romsteryeah mesa-3d needs that patch that mesa3d has.04:32
Romsterelse gallium fails04:33
Romsterk jaeger i was about too but i'll let you do that04:33
Romsteri'm bumping compat-32 ports shortly that are out of sync04:35
Romsterjaeger, i've fixed it, i can commit if you havne't started looking at it yet.04:47
jaegerup to you; I just finished a sysup on that machine so I can do it now or you can04:48
Romsteri'm done so i'll commit it04:50
Romsteroh what the heck04:51
Romster$ git fetch04:51
Romsterfatal: Could not change back to '/home/romster/var/cwd/remote/projects/crux/compat-32': Permission denied04:51
Romsteri'm in that directory. something strange going on here.04:52
Romstermaybe i need to revdep my system after that last sysup04:54
Romsteroh i now what i did sigh. need to fix that...04:55
Romsterchanged permissions on the wrong directory.04:59
jaegerok, cool05:04
Romsteryeah i was on the wrong host.05:09
Romstereasily fixed05:09
Romstercompat-32 is in sync again06:26
RomsterteK_, fixed your clang footprint again. this is twice you've done this. -_-06:35
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teK_I ran -uf08:20
Romsteryou sure.08:25
Romsteranyways i've fixed it.08:25
Romsteri'm nearly thiking it needs that code i did in gcc-fortran # remove files already on the system out of the port08:26
RomsterteK_, btw report on vlc i noticed when i tested ports that used libgcrypt08:28
Romsteron flyspray08:28
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jaegerIs there any reason to keep mtools on the ISO?16:53
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jaegerRomster: I think I have your PEBKAC from yesterday beat. I accidentally deleted ~20TB of data, ~8TB of it I still need17:17
jaegerI'm restoring it but it'll take a long time, heh17:17
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frinnstbravo jaeger19:46
jaegerindeed :P19:47
teK_Romster: I checked the diff to include more files in the rm line of the llvm port20:27
teK_err clang port20:28
teK_it did so I figured it was ok20:28
teK_yet it were even less files before so I missed the files to remove20:28
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leo-unglaubRomster, what would you say if we move gtksourceview to contrib?22:37
leo-unglaubi would need it for xfce4/mousepad as well22:37
leo-unglaubMATE and Gnome3 would need it as well22:38
jaegerIs anyone maintaining gnome3 ports these days? I dropped mine a while back22:53
leo-unglaubjaeger, no ideas23:18
leo-unglaubi just looked where it is used23:18
leo-unglaubbut i am with you ... fuck gnome3 *g*23:18
leo-unglaubbut i am telling you23:19
leo-unglaubxfce 4.12 is sooo awesome *g*23:20
leo-unglaubi cannot get enoght of it *g*23:20
leo-unglaubsince i am building xfce 4.12 it's the first time on month i am okay with my girlfriend leaving me *g*23:21
prologicleo-unglaub: what's so nice about it compared to 4.10?23:23
prologicI read the changelog23:23
prologicbut didn't seem all that "wow"23:23
leo-unglaubprologic, it's in the details *g*23:23
prologicis it nicely polished?23:23
prologicno missing icons?23:23
leo-unglaubfor example the automatic popup if you connect another monitor23:23
leo-unglaubprologic, there will be no missing icon after i have gone over every port in there!23:24
prologicyou're updating all the xfce ports?23:28
prologiclemme know when you're done23:28
prologicI'll update then :)23:28
jaegerhrmm... I get a forbidden error trying to access the Handbook and release notes via elinks23:46
prologicI get a forbidden error accessing via elinks period23:48
prologicnot sure why that is23:48
prologicblocking some agents?23:48
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jaegerI wonder23:51
teK_short version: elinks sucks (:P)23:52
teK_long version: w3m works and I did not yet look into why elinks wont work..23:52
prologicit used to23:52
teK_but we had no TLS back then23:52
teK_I wont get to fix this minor issue any time soon23:52
prologicthat's new23:53
prologiccrux is ssl enabled by default now23:53 that is23:53
jaegerI wonder if we could just attach a job to to regenerate the text versions of the release notes and handbook when the wiki changes, rather than doing it in the ISO build process23:53
jaegerI'll investigate more when I get back from vacation23:53
prologicwhen did that happen? haha23:53
teK_earlier this year (!)23:54
prologicoh good lord23:54
prologichow do I miss this stuff? :)23:54
teK_all the good things I do to you? :)23:54
prologicwe really should move the project to github23:54
prologic*sigh* :)23:54
teK_so you can browse it with elinks?23:54
prologicmight make following a bit eaiser23:54
prologicjust the important stuff23:55
prologicbug tracker, sources23:55
prologicI really don't like flyspray23:55
prologicthere'll be a lot more/better visibility of the project, activities and changes for both users and developers alike if we move the git repos and bug tracker to github23:56
prologicmight even see a more concerted focused effort by those that have probably not contributed very much at all :)23:57
jaegerit doesn't seem to be the user agent, it doesn't work if I set it to the same as my browser23:57
prologicsome elinks/tls issue?23:57
jaegerer, wait, the config file is being ignored23:57
jaegerok, yeah, the user agent doesn't seem to be the problem.23:58

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