IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-03-04

jaeger <-- seems this might be the issue00:01
jaegerthe "Client doesn't support SNI" section00:01
prologicahh yeah00:02
jaegerI don't see any immediate way to enable that functionality in elinks; I wonder if disabling it on the server would have adverse effects00:05
jaegerI'll do more research on that after vacation, I guess00:05
teK_basically we're doing SNI because of and crux.nu00:06
teK_I _think_00:06
jaegerthat would make sense, yeah00:07
jaegerWe'll probably just have to find a different way to generate the docs on the ISO00:07
leo-unglaubi am against putting things on github00:08
leo-unglaubi hate that site ... they change the UI so often that i never find stuff i need00:08
leo-unglaubi prefer bitbucket ..00:08
leo-unglaubbetter ui, better api and the but tracker allows anonymous reports00:08
prologicI'd happily +1 Bitbucket myself honestly00:12
prologicI do actually prefer it00:12
prologicall my projects are on there00:12
prologiconly reason I said Github was because of it's apparent populraity in OSS00:13
prologicbut it's not the only beast out there :)00:13
leo-unglaubprologic, are you the /cruxlinux person there?00:13
leo-unglaubbecause i have /crux-linux00:13
prologicand to be fair GH has only changed it's overall UI once in the time I've ever used it00:13
prologicyes I am :)00:13
Romsterjaeger> Romster: I think I have your PEBKAC from yesterday beat. I accidentally deleted ~20TB of data, ~8TB of it I still need <- ouch glad you got backups00:13
Romsterleo-unglaub> Romster, what would you say if we move gtksourceview to contrib? <- possible i'd have to move romster/glade as well and ironically that was packaged by tek00:17
jaeger <-- curl + html2text generates a decent version of the handbook00:17
teK_I dont see the irony00:17
leo-unglaubdont start fighting again *g*00:18
Romsterthough for someting that xfce4 mate and gnome3 use opt would be better but then too many ports to move to opt. so contrib it is.00:18
Romsterthe reason  host my own stuff is it never changes style.00:21
Romsterthese other sites -_-00:21
leo-unglaubRomster, teK_ is this a yes or a no on gtksourceview?00:22
Romsteri'll look into it.00:22
Romsterit probably needs a version bump00:22
Romsterand test in a clean container00:22
Romsterleo-unglaub, is there any specific version requirement's?00:23
Romsterlike less than or greater than said version00:23
Romsterso i'll try 3.15.300:24
Romsterand clean it up00:24
Romsteri seem to have everything00:25
Romsterwhy is that00:25
Romsteractually i'll go with 3.14.3, odd numbers are usually beta00:43
leo-unglaubi have no idea if they still do that in gnome00:45
leo-unglaubi dont think so00:45
leo-unglaubboah, i have to tell you, there are so much xfce plugins00:45
leo-unglauband so much shit in them that no one ever used *g*00:45
Romsteryeah and the majority didn't compile00:49
Romsterhow do you even sort that out00:49
leo-unglaubi am patching them hard00:50
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leo-unglaubRomster, i cannot sleep02:26
leo-unglaubi would like your feedback on one more idea02:26
leo-unglaubi am playing with the idea to write a GUI to the prt-get tools02:27
leo-unglaubas much as i love the cli, sometimes browsing dependency trees and so on could be easier in a gui02:27
leo-unglaubalso, it would help people like girlfriends (if exist, sadly mine dumpt me) or other people to use packages more easy02:28
leo-unglaubany thoughts?02:28
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Romsterseems i may of hit frinnst's issue with documentation generation02:57
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juejaeger: elinks-git works with, tend to use that because the 0.12 branch seem more or less unmaintained (last commit was 2012)09:34
juewill look at it later today09:35
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sepenleo-unglaub: ping12:18
leo-unglaubhey sepen12:18
leo-unglaubhow are you?12:18
sepenfine, I received more xfce announces via mailinglist12:18
sepencould you update them?12:19
leo-unglaubyes, i am already on them12:19
sepenare your subscribed to xfce-announce list?12:19
leo-unglauband also on all plugins12:19
leo-unglaubsepen, yes, of course12:19
leo-unglaubi did that 4 years ago :)12:19
sepenok, so you see 3 new updates, right?12:19
leo-unglaubi have 23 updates to go12:20
leo-unglaubwith plugins12:20
leo-unglaubbut you mean gtk-xfce-engine, xfce4-diskperf-plugin and xfce4-fsguard-plugin12:21
sepenand I want to talk more things with you12:21
sepenabout xfce changes12:21
sepenI had pending mousepad (as I talked on this channel) and also the indicator stuff12:22
leo-unglaubsepen, i already took care of mousepad and talked with Romster to move gtksourceview to contrib12:23
sepenI said that mousepad wont' being updated due to new dep: gtksourceview, and the one from Romster's repo won't built12:23
leo-unglaubso mousepad would build12:23
sepenno with current gtksourceview12:23
sepenneeds more care12:23
sepenalso xfce4-indicator-plugin failed to build12:23
sepenand some others I left apart from my 4.12.x update12:24
leo-unglaubwhat do you mean with current gtksourceview? there is currently no gtksourceview in there12:24
Romsteri have some issues with docbook to sort out for glade before i can get gtksourceview working.12:25
leo-unglaubRomster, yeah, no worries12:25
leo-unglauba few days mor wont matter at all12:25
Romsterbut i just tied to sleep and woke up disoriented...12:26
sepenI had some problems with galde12:26
sepenconfigure: error: Package requirements (gladeui-2.0 >= 3.9) were not met:12:26
sepenNo package 'gladeui-2.0' found12:26
sepeneven if I have glade3 and libglade installed12:26
sepenleo-unglaub: IMHO best practice is to move gtksourceview from Romster to opt since he is an opt maintainer12:27
sepenRomster: hehe12:28
Romstereh i didn't get that error sepen12:28
leo-unglaubsepen, we already talked about that last night with romster and we are not sure about opt/contrib12:28
sepenRomster: I'm also disoriented, bad days at office, well bad nights12:28
sepenwe're in the middle of a complete web-api migration12:29
leo-unglaubRomster, i makes sence to be in there because MATE, Gnome3, .. also need it for gedit12:29
Romsteronce i wake up a bit more i'll get int the code again12:29
sepenyep, it is a shared dep12:29
Romsterit is a lot of work, but it'll all come together.12:30
Romsteroh btw sepen i built a later chromium#40.0.2214.115-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded12:31
sepenleo-unglaub: one question I can not understand from you12:31
sepen"leo-unglaub: but i am still waiting with pushing them because i want to finish all 4.12 updates and push them at once so no one ends up with a broken state"12:31
Romsteryours is at 111 still and i see 11512:31
sepenwhat that does mean?12:31
Romsteralso added pciutils to Depends on12:32
leo-unglaubsepen, it means that when you pushed your 4.12 changes to git it broke the prt-get sysup of two people12:32
leo-unglaubbecuse some plugins did not work anymore and in one case xfsettings failed12:32
Romstersince it links to that and i don't have that in core/ on my docker image by default12:32
sepenRomster: yeah12:32
sepensepen@scx:~/devel/crux/ports/opt $ git-rc12:32
sepenFirst, rewinding head to replay your work on top of it...12:32
sepenApplying: chromium: updated to 40.0.2214.115, cleaned up and also added .desktop file (FS#114112:32
sepenleo-unglaub: that is not true12:32
Romsteri am going to add a flyspray ticket but haven't just yet12:32
leo-unglaubsepen, i had the problem too12:33
leo-unglaubthats why i wanted for all of it to build locally when i pushed it up12:33
sepenxfce4 metapackage doesn't contains plugins12:33
sepenso plugins is your work as user12:33
sependont' forget that CRUX is not ubuntu12:34
leo-unglaubyes, but i expect to run sysup and have a working system12:34
leo-unglaubeven if it is not ubuntu12:34
sepenif xorg-server changes then my work as user is to update my dependen ABI packages12:34
leo-unglaubi have a different opinion on that12:35
sepensysup will not update plugins, then if you need to update a plugin you will rebuild it12:35
leo-unglaubrebuilding everything on my desktop is okay, but on my laptop it will take 6 hours12:35
sepenRomster: wait, I have this pending changeset12:35
Romsteroh yo did that i never even looked yet -_-12:35
Romsterah pending...12:35
sepenjust I rebuilt chromium again and again because llvm + clang updates12:35
Romsteri already built it with them changes.12:35
Romsterdone that with clang 3.6.012:36
Romster# pkginfo -i |grep clang12:36
Romsterclang 3.6.0-112:36
sepenhere too, and also against clang 3.5.1 and that is for what I rebuild chromium again and wait before push my changes12:36
Romsteri had to fix clang after teks bump from 23.5.1 had file conflicts to llvm.12:36
sepenyeah, I know the issue12:37
sepenthat retarded my push12:37
sepennah, thanks for remember it to me12:37
sepenleo-unglaub: use pkg-get12:37
Romsteri built chromium#40.0.2214.115 at Wed Mar 04 01:57:5512:38
leo-unglaubyeah, but even for pkg-get someone has to build all packages12:38
Romsterwhich is nearly 24 hours ago. but hadn't done a flyspray ticket with patch.12:38
Romsterbut you know the changes.12:38
sepenleo-unglaub: yeah, that is how I use pkg-get12:39
Romstersepen, i added a comment.12:43
sepenRomster: ooops12:44
sepenRomster: thanks I'm gonna review deps12:44
sepenI remember that in the past someone mentioned that core deps shouldn't be listed, or it is not necessary12:45
Romsterit's not critical since pciutils is going to be present but i spotted this using a cut down core set of ports for the crux docker image.12:45
sepenI'm not agree with that rule12:46
sepenyep, I prefer to list all deps12:46
Romsterif they link to the program and is not glibc or gcc they get listed.12:46
Romsterbut stuff like perl does not get listed. unless it is linked in finddeps foo12:46
Romsterwhich does raise another point12:46
Romsterprt-get dependent --all perl12:47
Romsternot all of that list actaully links to perl12:47
RomsterWe list all runtime dependencies except for gcc (libstdc++) and glibc.12:48
Romsterbuild dependencies provided by core are not listed in the dependency header12:48
Romsterrun-time dependencies from core which aren't dynamically linked in are not to be listed, either12:48
Romsterlisting the ones that get linked makes it easier to fix broken links on ABI changes.12:49
Romsteri very much doubt p5-net-dns p5-gd p5-netaddr-ip p5-xml-parser and a bunch of others actually say perl on finddeps12:50
Romstersoa re in error12:50
Romsteri think i only found a handful of packages that link to perl.12:50
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Romstersepen, for p in `prt-get dependent --all perl`; do finddeps $p >> /tmp/finddeps-perl; done12:53
Romsterwell needs a echo in there for what package finddeps looked at.12:53
Romsterbut a few are in error and a few are yours.12:54
Romsteri plan to file bug reports for these that are in error.12:54
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Romstersepen, i'll do a full list for each port and maintainer, so you don't have to worry about checking yourself if your too busy and disorientated12:56
Romsteri'm not the quality control person but for some strange reason i've been getting into testing everything12:57
Romstercompile issues,dependency issues footprints etc.12:57
Romstersepen, if i am correct the correct ports list for chromium will be12:59
Romster# Depends on: clang dbus-glib desktop-file-utils gperf gtk libcap libdrm libevent libexif libgcrypt libtool ninja nss pciutils speech-dispatcher xorg-libxdamage xorg-libxscrnsaver xorg-libxt xorg-libxtst xz yasm12:59
Romsterok why is yasm there... it's not in finddeps13:00
Romsterthat is in error13:00
Romsteractually no thats right that is a opt port.13:01
Romsterreally should of done that as one comment instead of 3 on the but report13:05
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sepenRomster: hmmm14:18
sepenI'd like to share my CI infraestructure with you: jenkins+chroot (in my case safe-crux)14:21
sepenmaybe you have the power to improve the work14:21
sepenI ran some QA tools in the past for all ports/maintainers, but I got tired of having to keep reminding people bugs14:22
sepenRomster: we need yasm from system dep14:24
sepenRomster: I specified that on the build/all.gyp file14:25
Romsteri have my own docker image14:29
Romsterand a snippet to run it.14:29
Romsteryasm is in opt so that's fine i was thinking of nasm in core.14:30
sepenRomster: about your last comment to FS#114114:31
sepenI was based on firefox to add .desktop stuff, so I think we also need desktop-file-utils as a dep14:31
sepen+ post-install script to firefox14:31
sepenRomster: interesting14:31
Romsterfist part of that for starting docker14:32
Romsterthen all i do is ports -u ; prt-get depinst foo14:32
Romsteri haven't automated yet14:32
Romsteri haven't automated it yet14:32
sepenwhy not create a jenkin's job for that?14:33
Romsterrest of that is a proof of concept idea for binary packages.14:33
Romstersure i can.14:33
Romsteri just haven't got to it yet.14:33
Romsterah sweet got glade to compile14:36
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Romsterhi leo got glade done just having a fight with gtksourceview and vala with gobject-introspection15:12
Romsterleo-unglaub, update gobject-introspection and docbook-xml then depinst gtksourceview15:48
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Romsterah crap i didn't see glade3...15:59
Romsterleaves it for the time being.16:03
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