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Romstermesa-10.5.0 needs mako hmm07:16
jueRomster: 10.5.0 is not a stable release, we should wait for 10.5.108:49
Romsterah seriously...08:54
Romstershould i revert?08:54
jueas always with mesa: the X.Y.0 releases are called development releases08:56
jueyeah, I'd say so08:57
Romsterk damn it more work...08:58
Romsterwhy can't every project keep to some consistent versions scheme.08:58
juethere's a 10.4.6 release as well, that's what we should use for now09:00
Romsterk i'll go with that i didn't see a 10.4.6 in the mailing list09:00
Romsteroh it is there09:02
Romsteri'll push it shortly.09:03
jueRomster: thanks09:22
Romsternp i jsut say 10.5.0 and got excited and didn't even see 10.4.609:25
Romsterwhat is wrong with my english, sigh.09:25
teK_you're from Australia, it's ok09:45
teK_I've been watching Steve Irwin the other week..09:49
Romsterah when he was alive, crikey he is a crazy person09:52
teK_sure, still loved his show09:52
teK_by gf hates him, too :D09:52
Romsterlol why09:53
teK_because he was a crazy person09:53
Romstercan't be any worse than that turtle man09:53
Romsterdiving in a dam getting snapping turtles.09:54
teK_klet me guess.. he's from australia, too09:55
teK_uh, Rednecks :)09:56
Romsterbeen on aussie tv though09:56
teK_my father is my uncle.. lalala09:57
teK_what an idiot09:58
Romstervery much so09:58
teK_me, my dad and uncle Phil09:58
teK_that's probably referring to two persons total :>09:58
Romsteri try to not smile because i got my teeth knocked out by a chainsaw!09:59
teK_hehe yeah09:59
teK_he's a beauty09:59
teK_more like :[]09:59
Romstergad, i think i can't watch anymore of that turtle man10:01
teK_stopped it already10:02
Romstertoo much10:02
teK_Steve *loved* animals10:02
teK_no way he'd kick them around10:02
Romsterthat guy is an idiot10:02
Romsternow i need to clear my head of turtle man ugh, i should not have watched that.10:07
teK_:why is he unlike any other? Running 4.0 already?10:08
Romsterahhh i dunno10:08
teK_Kernel Panic10:10
teK_Romster: can you build bind?10:13
Romsteryes but i get 3 missing files in footprint.10:13
teK_I tried this on a server with very few packages..10:13
teK_yes? wtf10:13
teK_what disables dnssec building10:14
Romsterthat's the exact issue i saw.10:14
teK_not the entire dnssec-thingy.. hm10:14
Romstermissing a port maybe. let me have a look.10:14
Romstercoverage code testing?10:15
teK_       dnssec-checkds - A DNSSEC delegation consistency checking tool.10:15
teK_maybe  it's the availability of python10:16
teK_it's a scrip10:16
teK_both are.10:16
Romsteri'll test in a sec10:16
Romstershell or python?10:16
Romsterso most likeky either add python or remove them files out of footprint.10:17
teK_I am not adding a scripting language as a dep for a fucking dns resolver10:18
Romsterso then clean the fucking footprint of them files -_-10:19
Romsteri gave you the options10:20
teK_what do you think I'm doing atm?10:20
Romsterupdating other stuff of broken symlinks and missing source files..10:20
teK_did that already :P10:20
jueteK_: btw, we cannot edit our wiki ...10:20
teK_I updated the bug report for ssl to reflect that fact10:20
teK_maybe I can spare some time tomorrow night10:21
Romsterdon't you ever use a clean container to build in?10:21
teK_not yet.10:21
Romsterah yes https redirection there goes the changes.10:21
Romsterand e need a TODO 3.2 page and what have we got to look into new gcc glibc10:22
teK_look at that mess of a Pkgfile10:26
teK_fucking bind.10:26
Romsteri just did a rebase thanks teK_10:32
teK_I want to think that you are joking10:32
teK_I  have an application to write10:33
teK_later folks.10:33
Romsteri was joking10:34
Romsterbut really the ssl stuff for the wiki be nice.10:35
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