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frinnstcool, nfsclient didnt mount my nfs filesystems on boot13:30
frinnstwonder if there is a race condition or something13:31
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teK_Connecting to (||:80... failed: Connection refused.19:41
teK_jaeger is offline, too19:41
frinnstyeah, thats a bit problematic. I also noticed pkgmk -d wouldnt work when was down a few weeks ago20:08
frinnstjust stalled trying to connecto to our mirror thingy20:09
frinnstdunno if its because i use the curl patch20:09
teK_the obvious solution to this is default-coding our mirrors into pkgmk20:22
frinnstyeah but i figured pkgmk would time out on the mirror21:05
frinnstbut im sure thats just a curl thingy21:05
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Romsterwget actually in pkgmk22:18
Romsteri did make a patch to use curl instead of wget in pkgmk22:18
Romsterand i think alan also did some patch boasting it has better proxy support than wget. (in flyspray)22:19
RomsterteK_, any way to list what mirrors are there and possibly make the php script ignore a failed mirror for like 15 minutes if it's not reachable.22:20
Romsterthe php script can test the mirror before returning it to wget in pkgmk22:21
Romsterif it's down try next random mirror.22:21
Romsterif none work return 40422:21
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frinnstyeah Im using alans patch22:49
frinnst21:09 <@frinnst> dunno if its because i use the curl patch22:50
Romsteri don't notice it as much due to local distfile mirror at home
Romster many years ago when i was using it i did that. can we do something similar to retry other mirrors?23:29
Romster--connect-timeout 15 --keepalive-time 523:32
Romsterto curl23:32
Romster--speed-limit 102423:33
RomsterIf  a  download is slower than this given speed (in bytes per second) for speed-time seconds it gets aborted.23:33
Romsterand i also used --max-redirs 1023:34

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