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Romster why not like that? with new version of course?01:00
leo-unglaubRomster, have you looked at my new file?01:06
leo-unglaubit's clean and even smaller than yours01:06
leo-unglaubalso, if the introduce a new theme it's working automaticly01:07
Romsterand it looks more cryptic who cares about 3 lines?01:10
leo-unglaubRomster, thats not sepens issue01:10
Romsterif you want it smaller put it in a for loop.01:10
leo-unglaubhe did that#01:10
leo-unglaubthat is HIS code01:10
Romsteri don't see the point when a for loop would be 3 lines.01:10
leo-unglaubRomster, i added 1 new line and he goes crazy ...01:11
leo-unglaubwhat would happen if i add 3??01:11
Romsteri don't know, but i'd prefer my 3 lines over that.01:11
leo-unglaubi personally agree with you that a for would be best01:11
leo-unglaublike i used in the post install script01:11
Romsteror a for loop01:12
Romsteri do not like that nameBuild=${name/-icon-theme/}01:12
leo-unglaubRomster, +101:12
leo-unglaubi hate that to01:12
leo-unglaubyou know what, i am going to do it the way i ususaly do it in a for statement ... after what he pulled today i dont care about this guy anymore01:13
Romsteri just went with straight code duplicatin my idea is 3 lines i con't care if its 4 or more i'd use a for loop.01:13
Romsternot to argue with you but  really hate that extra var. i'd prefer a local foo var for the for loop approach if not how i did it.01:13
leo-unglaubif i use a loop a local variable would be better indeed01:14
leo-unglaubi just used HIS code that he copied 3 times and cached it ... to make it more easy01:14
leo-unglaubbut you are right, for would be better01:14
Romsterhmm i dunno where you found that but anyways.01:14
Romsteri am liking your work but i just don't like that extra variable. eitehr code duplication or a local variable and for loop.01:15
Romsterpersonally 2-3 lines either duplication/for loop i don't see much point it's about the same number of lines.01:16
Romstermore than 3 lines hell yes for loop.01:16
Romsterif its doable.01:16
Romstersometimes paths change so much that it is not viable.01:16
Romsteralso late hi, i just saw the comotion after wakng up made coffee and sat at the pc, and went wtf.01:18
Romsteralso in this case i'd have to defend sepen he would be moving between work and home. i do this too and i sometimes have to cut a discussion short or continue it from another location.01:19
Romsterprologic, also does this.01:20
Romsterpitillo, we have mirrors of soruce code at add that to the mirror in pkgmk.conf01:21
Romsterpitillo, i'd like to see the error log of perl and ppp your getting.01:21
Romsteris it 404, time out, certificate error? something else.01:22
Romsterhmm is down and as well.01:23
Romster is up though i can get to ppp source01:26
Romster is up01:27
Romsterdidn't we stop using ftp on samba for http?01:28
leo-unglaubRomster, stopping to use ftp is recommended anywhere :)01:28
Romsterone in opt still on ftp01:30
leo-unglaubhmm, samba should have an http mirror as well01:30
leo-unglaubi think they even have https01:30
jaegerhey, all, back in town now01:31
Romsterleo-unglaub, we just use
Romsterhey jaeger might be a bit of a backlog of stuff going on.01:31
jaegerI read some of it; the drama is rather unappealing to me01:31
Romsterjaeger, only thing of concern afaik  is went down but its back up now.01:32
jaegerthe VPS host restarted both my VPSes and I didn't have access to them until I got back01:32
Romsterjaeger, would you mind fixing up to cron every night?01:32
Romsterbut it looks like you removed it 404 now.01:33
jaegerI just removed that01:33
jaegerIt was only a test I threw up ages ago, not used for anything01:33
Romsterah i'd of loved a mirror of ports.01:33
jaegerthere are several ports mirrors already01:33
Romsterjust in case went down and would be great to mirror.01:33
Romsterah is there a list somewhere? should be added to the wiki if not already01:33
jaegerthere's a mirror on
Romsterthat's when tek fixes the https redirection wiki editing.01:34
Romsterwhy not throw that on seems using for crux should be on or jsut provide a redirection for it but i doubt it works for rsync. unless pointed to *shrugs* i'll document
Romsterso i know here01:36
jaegerjust because it's been up far longer than has existed, I didn't see a reason to move it, really01:36
Romsterfor rights the entire crux site should be mirrored somewhere. and CDN it from both sites but thats major work01:37
leo-unglaubRomster, is your build maschine currently ideling?01:37
Romsterdid you enjoy your holiday?01:37
leo-unglaubif yes could you do me a favour?01:37
jaegerI did, it was nice to take some vacation time01:37
Romsterleo-unglaub, yeah i got spare capacity.01:37
leo-unglaubRomster, could you please fire up all xfce ports but with the new gcc 4.9 string stack protector activated?01:38
leo-unglaubi would love to see what build can handle it and with one cannot01:38
Romsterbut what i should do is extend my crux-build docker image with another crux-build-distcc as currently i'm only using docker with ccache on my desktop.01:38
leo-unglaubi want to have the first repo in crux that runs completely on it :)01:38
Romstergcc 4.9 stack protector on our current gcc or do i need to bump my gcc version?01:38
Romster-fstack-protector or -fstack-protector-all01:40
leo-unglaub-fstack-protector-all and/or -fstack-protector-strong01:40
leo-unglaubif possible01:41
leo-unglaubi am really interrested in how much ports are goping to fail01:41
Romsterstrong isn't in gcc 4.8.401:41
leo-unglaubyeah, 4.9.201:41
Romsteri could enable -Wstack-protector as well to warn if something isn't using it.01:41
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Romsterhmm that's not go on distcc it needs all machines on same gcc version, and it's going to have to re-cache on ccache again for that gcc version i'll stick with gcc 4.8.4 for now.01:43
Romsterit'l still re-cache xfce4 as is but that's not as bad as everything.01:44
Romsterdistcc is picky all libs/toolchain has to be ins sync. else it'll asplode01:44
leo-unglaubRomster, i am currently working on xarchiver01:44
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Romsterfeel free to grab them patches i stole most from gentoo.01:45
leo-unglaubRomster, maybe i am missing something, but xarchiver does not need desktop-file-utils as a dependency01:57
leo-unglaubthere is no need for it on xfce401:57
Romsterthat is for the .desktop file regeneration to update the *.desktop cache02:13
Romsterelse you do not see the newly installed *.desktop files in your menu02:14
Romsterupdate-desktop-database in post-install02:14
Romsterleo-unglaub, ^02:15
leo-unglaubRomster, but not on xfce02:15
leo-unglaubthey now update th cache automaticly if a file is not found02:15
leo-unglaubi installed it without update-desktop-database and it stil showed up02:16
Romsterah well that was /not/ the case when i was messing with it.02:17
Romsterso adjust accordingly.02:17
leo-unglaubi am not sure if there is an edge case i am missing02:18
leo-unglaubon my computer it works without it02:18
leo-unglauband on gnome2 you needed it02:18
Romsterwell only way to test is fie it up in a VM or X11 docker image.02:18
leo-unglaubbut not on xfce02:18
leo-unglaubthe question is if someone with something other that xfce is using xarchiver02:19
Romsterit may definitely use desktop-file-utils but know when to rescan?02:19
leo-unglaubah, btw i looked at your patches, most of them are now integrated in the new release02:19
Romsterthey have a new xarchiver release O_O02:19
Romsterfalls off chair02:19
leo-unglaubyeah :)02:19
leo-unglaubwith your bugfixes in them :)02:20
Romsterman they are fucken slack at releasing tarballs.02:20
Romsterthey should of released a point release with them patches ages ago but nope.02:20
Romstermake it look like xcfe4 is dead but then git trees are active.02:20
leo-unglaubxarchiver != xfce02:21
leo-unglaubthey dont even share developers :)02:21
Romsterah okay my point is invalid but they should release a point release when there are that many patches.02:21
Romsteri now i would.02:21
leo-unglaubyeah, agreed02:21
Romsteri know i would.02:21
leo-unglaubas long as the abi stays the same they should release02:22
leo-unglaubi am actually very happy with the results of my work in the xfce packages02:23
leo-unglaubit works all together very smoothly02:23
Romsterthats what the minor x.y.z z part is for02:23
Romstergit has branches how is it hard to add a few commits and bump z to a new tarball.02:23
leo-unglaubbut thats not cool anymore ....02:23
leo-unglaubdoing it like chrome is not the new cool shit ...02:24
Romsterit was practically useless without them patches02:24
Romsterchromeium .111 to .115 they even do it.02:24
Romsterminor fixes02:24
Romstersame ABI02:24
leo-unglauboh, i did not know that02:24
Romsteryou just don't see it as often with chrome/chromium02:25
Romsterfirefox also does this 34.0 to 34.0.102:25
Romsterits out there.02:25
leo-unglaubyeah, in firefox i know it02:26
leo-unglaubi also love and use x.y.z02:26
leo-unglauboldschool, but awesome :)02:26
leo-unglaubi am also propobly the last person that starts his versioning with 0.1.002:27
Romsterversort.org02:29 sort versions.02:29
leo-unglaubServer not found02:29
Romstermy brain was tottaly wrong on that name02:33
Romstereveryone should be following semver.org02:33
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pitilloRomster: unable to resolve host07:25
Romsteri got to ppp and perl sources07:50
Romsterpitillo, grab them from http;//
pitilloRomster: thanks you, it's strange... something related to my dns... no problems getting them from the mirror08:03
Romsteri'm using unbound and installed the root servers i'd highrecomend it08:05
Romsterhighly recommend08:05
Romsterjue, yeah poppler-glib broke cups-filters and inkscape08:13
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jueRomster: you mean poppler not poppler-glib?08:23
juejust read the backlog from yesterday, not very nice :(08:23
frinnstyeah you need to calm the fuck down leo09:09
frinnstand dont go adding crap vars in Pkgfiles please09:10
frinnstif you cant play nice, dont play09:10
jueyeah, indeed09:11
jueand please stop adding the same and useless comment to every Pkgfile09:12
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Romsterjue, eh might of been poppler i can't test now i rebuilt but i had to patch inkscape.10:37
Romsterbut all good now.10:38
Romsteri sid o use 3 lines or local var and for loop. and leo agreed on the for loop. i did say i strongly dislike that new variable.10:39
Romsterman the hostility sepen us, leo us sepen. what is wrong guys.10:40
Romsters/i sid o/i said to/10:40
Romsterhonestly all this over xfce.10:40
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frinnstleo-unglaub: please read the backlog from earlier13:23
leo-unglaubfrinnst, what? where?13:24
frinnstfrom #crux-devel13:24
Romsterjue, you awake still, question is it best for revdep to depend on libbfd in binutils that gets broken every major and minor version bump, maybe compile  revdep staticly. Or depend on elfutils that nearly everyone has on there system for mesa3d anyways?13:25
frinnstbottom line: if you cant cooperate with sepen then maintain your own xfce repo13:25
frinnst*back to work*13:26
leo-unglaubfine, remove my access to xfce because i dont care anymore. if you want sepen to the same crap he did before fine ... i dont care anymore13:27
leo-unglaubdo it yourself13:27
leo-unglaubi mean if you prefer to have someone maintain ports to badly that you even cannot shutdown from the gui, then go ahead13:28
Romsterjue, we need one or the other for static detected binaries as ld tries to use them and it errors. good example is from virtualbox. /usr/share/virtualbox/bin/iPxeBaseBin: ELF load command alignment not page-aligned13:28
Romsterleo-unglaub, frinnst wasn't this just over that one extra variable?13:28
frinnstmore the tone of the conversation13:29
frinnstpoisonous and hostile imo.13:29
Romsterthink everyone is going off the handle about a very simple fixable variable leo-unglaub agreed with me a local var and for loop over that new variable would be preferable.13:29
frinnstbut sure, if you cant work around it13:29
leo-unglaubfrinnst, i am not letting someone who does such a crappy job like sepen lecture me about a variable or my indention style if he has no schema whatso ever13:29
leo-unglaubso go ahead13:30
leo-unglaublet him do it13:30
frinnstWith that attitude, fine13:30
Romsterthe crux rule is to not introduce new variable names unless it is absolutely necessary. and i for one don't deem it necessary in that icon port.13:30
frinnstIts not about a variable. its about attitude.13:31
jueleo-unglaub: if this is your prefered conversation style it's probably better if you don't maintain anything for CRUX13:31
Romsterjesus fuck... people can't we all come to a bloody agreement.13:31
frinnstWe are all doing this on our free time. nobody is getting paid. We do it for fun13:31
leo-unglaubfrinnst, that guy does nothing for years and then he joins and gets mad about one variable?13:31
ryuoRomster, this is a lost cause. you can't change how people are.13:32
leo-unglaubget real will ya ...13:32
Romsterleo-unglaub, pfft i'd just ignore him that was his opinion. then i stated my opinion over it you even agreed so whats the problem jsut change it to a for loop.13:33
Romsterproblem fixed.13:33
jueleo-unglaub: it's not about a variable it's about your attitude13:33
leo-unglaubjue, my attitude?13:33
Romsterpolitics over one basic package.13:33
leo-unglaubi was alway very polite to sepen until he startet to just trol me13:34
leo-unglaubso go ahead, use hos broken ports13:34
Romsterjue sepen did come in here with an attitude too. being all hostile that leo got added to xfce. teK_ had to smooth things out.13:34
leo-unglaubi really have better stuff todo then fight over an indention style13:34
jaegerThere was hostility on both sides and it's slipping in here as well. It's counterproductive13:35
Romsterits been nothing but sepen going off at leo-unglaub for being put in xfce with out sepen knowngbecause he never reads his email. when it was broken or no time.13:35
jaegerNot sure if those involved can come to an agreement but I'd say it's worth trying for better ports13:35
Romsteri'm liking leo-unglaub fixing the broken packages. and i like sepen but he hasn't got much time to actually test properly. but the hostility needs to stop.13:36
Romsterall i'll say.13:36
Romsteri know i can be a pain at times but this is a entirely new level.13:37
Romsterwork as a team13:37
frinnstYes i think i prefer "broken" ports over this crap13:37
jueI agree13:38
Romsterhow about you use the bug tracker the both of you sepen and leo-unglaub13:38
Romsterdon't like a change file a bug.13:38
Romsterand us long time crux users/devs/packagers can vote for or against the change.13:38
Romsterthis hostility needs to stop, do you leo-unglaub want to work with sepen to come to agreements?13:40
Romsterif no then it'll never work out.13:40
leo-unglaubi am working with everyone if they have valid complaints .. but i am not talking crap form someine over adding "to much comments"13:41
jueleo-unglaub: do you really thing that your comments are useful?13:41
jueI mean the comment in the Pkgfiles oc13:42
leo-unglaubjue, i write software for more than 10 years now an i know how to write clean, good secure code13:42
leo-unglaubi like to put sections in my code13:42
leo-unglaubsure, in a simple pkgfile its not 100% needed but i have a schema13:42
leo-unglauband i follow that on every port13:42
leo-unglaubso its always the same13:42
Romsteras long as it abides by the crux rules?13:43
leo-unglaublike very good developer should do13:43
Romsteri for one didn't like that extra variable. you agreed for the local var and for loop. so why are we still arguing.13:43
Romsterwas there something else?13:43
leo-unglaubRomster, no, just one variable and one comment to much13:44
jueanother point, all over core/opt we prefer to use 'build() {' and not to put the opening { on a new line13:44
leo-unglaubjue, fine thats it13:45
leo-unglaubdo it your self13:45
leo-unglaubi am out13:45
leo-unglaubi have my ports that i need13:45
leo-unglaubyou do the rest13:45
rmullI don't use xfce, but why isn't this as simple as leo-unglaub preparing xfce ports, proposing them as a "better" alternative to sepens ports assuming it's not as simple as a few patches, and supplanting sepens ports if they are reviewed favorably?13:45
leo-unglaubrmull, sepen needs multiple weeks to reply to one email13:46
leo-unglaubso good luck13:46
leo-unglaubyou do it13:46
leo-unglaubi am out, i have no need for this kindergarden13:46
rmullleo-unglaub: I support you, and I appreciate your efforts. FWIW.13:46
jaegerrmull: sepen and leo don't agree on how to write them, I think that's what it boils down to13:46
Romsteri support your work leo-unglaub as well but i agree keep build() {13:47
Romsterbut that's really cosmetic jue13:47
Romsterlike we can never agree on tabs or spaces cosmetic13:47
jueindeed, but that's the way we do it all over13:48
Romsteradding a new variable isn't cosmetic.13:48
teK_the Pkgfiles in core/ should be used role model. They make few to no use of extra variables and commenting of standard actions like cd $name-$version etc.13:48
teK_if I may add my 0.02 $CURR13:48
teK_14:45 < leo-unglaub> i am out13:49
Romsterso your qiting over a bit of style change leo-unglaub and calling it a kindergarden?13:49
teK_your final word?13:49
rmulljaeger: If the xfce repo is officially recognized by the crux project, then the senior devs will have to step in to moderate. Functional ports are probably more useful than broken ports regardless of style, though it's a shame that the two devs can't cooperate13:49
leo-unglaubjust see the difference and tell me that mine is harder to read13:49
leo-unglaubno one in here is going to tell me that mine is harder to read13:50
leo-unglaubbecause it has structure13:50
jaegerI don't find either hard to read, personally. It's not what I care about anyway13:51
Romsterleo-unglaub, my gawd man if it cmpiles if it works if it follows crux guidelines/rules who cares what it looks like?13:51
Romstereither style there is ok13:51
Romsterthis is stupid.13:51
Romsterarguing over layout13:52
Romsterevery one hs there own style but we tend to follow whats in opt/core.13:52
Romsterarguing over layout... this is childish.13:52
rmullIf the problem is with the crufty comments, how offensive would it be to leo-unglaub to accept the pkgfile but clean up the comments?13:53
rmullI think I probably have no part in the debate though, so I will just stand by and hope everyone can get along :)13:53
Romsteras for the comments *shrugs* if it's not obvious comment if it's obvious remove the comment.13:53
Romsterwhere is the common sense here.13:54
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Romsteryou only comment where necessary13:54
jueRomster: no it isn't, if someone steps into another project I'd expect a bit more sensitivity and the wish to follow standards there13:55
Romsterleo-unglaub, you want some layouts this is my style
Romsteri'd expect respect and if i wasn't sure of something i'd ask politely why is this here or why is that done that way?13:56
leo-unglaubjue, i would not have to step in another persons project if that person would do it's job and fix his stuff in the first place13:56
leo-unglaubthis is the first time i have to actually argue why i do my stuff well13:56
leo-unglaubthis is a first for me in 10 years of open source13:57
Romsterleo-unglaub, people skills...13:57
leo-unglaubbut go ahead, revert my changes and go back to the broken packages13:57
leo-unglaubi am sure the 4 people reiaming using it will be happy13:57
jaegerjue: the elinks update seems to work fine, thanks13:57
jueleo-unglaub: I'm not talking about xfce but CRUX13:57
juejaeger: good to hear, thanks for the feedback13:58
Romsteri was hoping for a reply to what library to use for revdep but it can wait.13:58
Romstertoo much noise in here.13:58
jaegerlooks like gobject-introspection needs a footprint update14:01
Romsteri thought i did that.14:01
RomsterFredrik RinnestamRevert "libtxc_dxtn: dropped"...14:02
Romsterits broken tilman does not maintain it. upstream does not maintain it14:02
Romsteri see nothing depending on it.14:02
Romstersome how i missed the footprint on gobject-introspection14:03
frinnstIts a pretty static port. It's still needed for some 3d features not implemented in mesa3d due to patents iirc14:04
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Romsteroh but then tilman pointed me too
Romsterfrinnst, you can pick it up and update it to 1.0.1 or this other one. *shrugs*14:06
Romsteri read code got put in mesa3d.14:06
frinnstOh? didnt know that14:06
Romsterbut kept there due to license/patents14:06
frinnsti just reverted it because it seemed you didnt think it did anything, and it does afaik14:07
Romsterdo you want to take the honers of sorting it out or seeing if this other one does the job?14:07
*** ryuo has left #crux-devel ("Leaving")14:08
Romsteri honestly have enough ports as it is.14:08
RomsterPreviously, there was a patch which had to be applied to Mesa CVS. It contained the hardware-specific patches for the radeon, r200, i830 and i915 driver. It did not contain any functions to compress/decompress s3tc textures in software. However, it contained some functions which could call an external library to compress/decompress s3tc textures. This patch no longer exists. It has been merged into Mesa CVS, so there no longer is a need to14:09
Romsterpatch the graphic driver.14:09
jaegersounds like the lib is still needed but not the patch that *calls* it14:10
RomsterThe source to the library for compressing/decompressing is still distributed separately. The external library only exists because it might contain problematic code regarding "IP" (or, more specifically, patents, since copyright is certainly no issue here). See also IP issues below.14:10
Romsterhmm i may have read this wrong the first time14:10
Romsterso mesa3d can use this lib?14:11
jaegerRomster: wine needs a gecko update again, 2.36 now14:12
jaegerRomster: for reference, has a version matrix14:12
Romsterit needs to be bumped to version 1.0.1 and someone to maintain it.14:12
frinnstI dont use it personally and not sure how to test it. but sure, I could maintain it14:12
frinnsttips on how to test? :)14:12
Romsterjaeger, same for Mono14:12
jaegerTesting it would need something that uses s3tc and a driver that uses it. Last time I remember needing that was ati and ut200414:12
Romsteri have no idea that's why i chose to drop it frinnst. whos using it and for what just tilman?14:13
jaegerTF2 needs it, I think14:13
frinnsttf2 requires steam?14:14
jaegerRomster: just an oversight, then, not intentional?14:14
jaegerfrinnst: yeah14:14
Romsterjaeger, i know what i did.14:15
Romsterprt-get depinst gobject-introspection -uf14:15
Romsterpackage gobject-introspection is installed14:15
Romster;P it never updated the footprint did it.14:15
teK_what about xfce? leo-unglaub, jue14:16
jaegerthough my oversight comment was about wine, not gobject-introspection14:16
Romsterbut i did copy it and git add .footprint14:16
Romsteroh well i was looking at gecko and mono versions for ages and they haven't been updating it in ages so i didn't look this time thinking i can get away with it.14:16
jaegerAh. I test by running winecfg, it complains immediately if the versions don't match14:17
jaegerhandy way to check14:17
Romsteri'l fix it.14:17
frinnsthm, dont seems like wget wants to time out when fetching from a mirror:14:18
frinnstLocation: [following]14:18
frinnst--2015-03-10 15:17:25--
frinnstResolving (
frinnstyes it did, just took a long time :)14:18
Romsterwhy would it time out i can fetch that file.14:19
Romsteri can only get slow speeds to me off that server but yet i can download from some locations at upto 10mb/s14:20
Romsterits not the data center its the Internet location has too far to go over slow links.14:20
Romsterthink i need to jsut bite it and pay for a better datacenter14:21
frinnstseems like a dns server was just very slow14:21
Romsterthat's in a better geolocation14:21
Romsterwhat speeds can you get fro it or it wont even resolve?14:21
Romsterjaeger, also a page for
frinnstyesterday (or the day before) i remember gettin something like 6-8MB/s14:24
Romsteris that reasonable or crappy?14:25
frinnstvery OK :)14:26
Romsteri can only do 700kb/s but i've only ever got 50-150kb/s from that server, to me in australia.14:26
Romsterthink i know what is up with its dns being slow14:26
Romsteri'll talk to the guy later.14:27
Romsterlike i can download faster or jaeger or teks mirror faster than i can off mine... this isn't right.14:27
teK_is this in Australia_14:28
Romsteri'm in australia14:28
teK_no the server14:28
teK_yet I have seen other folks (from US? diverse?) rent servers at @Hetzner in Germany (where serverop also resides)14:28
Romsterthe server is in Luxembourg14:28
frinnsttaxdodger! :)14:29
Romsterhmm new libx11 1.6.314:30
Romsterand libvdpau 1.014:30
Romsternot much point if i rent a server where you guys are now.14:32
Romsteri'll fix wine then i'm gonna call it a night and goto bed. feel free to bump libx11 and libvdpau14:38
jaegerwant me to fix gobject-introspection?14:39
Romsteralready done14:39
Romsteroh i didn't git push14:40
jaegernot pushed14:40
Romsteri was gonna wait for wine14:40
Romstercompiling now14:40
jaegerah, ok14:40
Romstersince your all semi active question, have a C rewrite of revdep need wither elfutils of link to binutils libbfd? which would be preferred?14:43
jaegerI have no idea which is better, I'm no C expert14:44
Romsterbintuls libbfd that breaks ABI on ever minor and major release or elfutils that doesn't break nearly as often.14:44
Romsterwell with binutils when binutils is bumped will mean revdep needs to be recompiled unless it's compiled statically agenst libz and binutils libbfd14:45
Romsterwanted to get jue and others opinion on this before it's coded in.14:45
Romsterbasicly need one or the other to detect static binaries to omit from the scan. so LD does not spit out errors14:46
Romsteri'm thinking either -static with libbfd out of binutils or dynamic on elfutils. i like the later one but means it depends on elfutils. but most people need that. for mesa3d.14:47
juebinutils is part of our toolchain and only updated on release borders, so I don't see any problems in using that14:47
Romsteri just want a yes no as to what would be preferred jaeger jue teK_ frinnst ^ if  this is better on the mailing list?14:47
Romsterjust means on new crux release prt-utils will need to be rebuilt for revdep. that's if you want the C implementation in prt-utils.14:48
Romsterif this is fine i'll tell ryuo to go ahead with libbfd14:49
Romsterpretty much the last thing that needs doing other than adding a license? is GPLv2 fine?14:50
Romsteror got one better14:50
Romsterthen i'll stick it somewhere and mailing list for testers?14:50
juethat's fine for me14:51
Romsterthanks jue14:52
Romsteri like to help out. just sorry for the storm we been having the past few days. even though i wasn't the cause i did stir up sepen a little with some comments in irc.14:52
Romsterjaeger, wine fixed i'll keep an eye on them files on future updates.14:53
*** ryuo has joined #crux-devel14:57
ryuojue, ping. i need to choose a library for parsing ELF files for the optimized revdep. my choices are BFD (included in binutils) and libelf (included in elfutils). BFD has a harder to use API than libelf does. would it be possible to use libelf for the crux version?14:59
*** ryuo has quit IRC15:21
*** ryuo has joined #crux-devel15:56
jueryuo: sorry, was AFK16:20
jueryuo: sure, libelf is fine as well, it's part of our ISO so most people have it installed16:21
ryuojue, so its no issue for it be part of core or whatever part prtutils or such is?17:27
jueno, prt-utils is in opt17:37
ryuojue, ah. k.17:42
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