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jaegerthe pissing match going on on oss-security is pretty ridiculous02:40
Romstermailing list?02:55
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Romsterso leo is being quiet just taking space going to talk with sepen or mulling over what he wants to do?03:02
RomsterYour corporate pissing match with Oracle is not helpful.03:04
Romstereep i see what you mean03:04
Romsterwhat is it piss everyone off day? geez.03:04
Romsterperhaps everyone is mad with daylight savings ending.03:08
diversehehe, speaking of daylight savings, you should see this:
diverseI love watching that show03:17
diverseit explains why people are pissed off at daylight savings03:26
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Romsterloads video03:53
Romsterwtf dies03:56
Romstergermans made DST...03:56
diverseWWI Germans did. As shown in the video even Germans find DST stupid.04:54
diverseand in our modern way of energy consumption, DST has practically no benefit, other than to make you sleep deprived enough to get in a car accident and end up in a hospital.04:57
diverse...although it does help make the days seem longer, so when you are going home from work or class, it's not as dark05:19
Romsteryou do get more time for office workers to walk the dog etc.05:42
Romsterafter work.05:42
jaegerI work 10 hour days, this was the first day this year I've gotten home before dark after work, heh05:43
jaegerer, technically yesterday. I should go to sleep05:43
Romsterand if there is anything else i'll let the crux community test it.05:46
Romsterah wrong channel -_-05:47
Romsterjue, jaeger frinnst teK_ testing time
ryuoThe optimized revdep. :)06:28
Romsternoticed a man page layout issue curx has thant ubuntu displays correctly06:28
Romsterlast item in a section does not get a new line06:28
Romsternot sure if man or groff or what06:29
Romsterbut works on ubuntu ryuo tested that06:29
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frinnstfredrik@zoidberg:~/revdep-1.0$ file COPYING09:19
frinnstCOPYING: POSIX tar archive (GNU)09:19
frinnstin that tarball atleast09:20
ryuothis is an updated release.09:21
ryuoadded a request feature.09:21
frinnstheh, quite a bit faster09:23
frinnstand now for the old script09:23
diverseif by 'bit' you mean 48 times faster, then yes, "a bit"09:24
Romsteri spotted some small text errors to fix09:31
Romsterrevdep -h and man revdep but i'll fix them shortly.09:31
Romsterfile COPYING09:31
RomsterCOPYING: ASCII text09:31
Romsterfrom 1.1 how that happend on 1.0...09:32
ryuoRomster, perhaps you goofed in your manual packaging?09:32
Romster1.1 just adds -i Comma-separated list of ports to ignore09:32
Romsteri doubt it.09:32
ryuoeither that or file is lying.09:32
Romsterbut maybe09:32
ryuofrinnst, old script still running? :P09:35
Romsteri'll reupload 1.1 with the text fixes09:35
diverseryuo: if it took him 30 minutes with new revdep, imagine how long it will take with old revdep, hahaha09:36
diverseand it still hasn't been 15 minutes as of now with old revdep09:36
diverseoh, brain fart, s/minutes/seconds/09:37
frinnstalso, could we precompile the manpages?09:37
diverseyeah, you need Romster's txt2man port09:38
ryuoi thought that was already done, unless you did make clean?09:38
frinnstcc main.o global.o utility.o package.o -lz -lelf -o revdep09:39
frinnsttxt2man -t revdep > revdep.109:39
frinnst/bin/sh: txt2man: command not found09:39
frinnstfrom your 1.1 tarball09:39
ryuowhat the ...09:39
diverseI had the same issue too09:39
frinnstHAUNTED TARBALL!!09:39
ryuoRomster, did you package this with make dist?09:39
ryuooh fuck. so that's why.09:39
ryuoi forgot to list *.109:40
Romsteri was wanting to make it not required to have txt2man as it's been pre-generated...09:40
Romstermake revdep09:40
Romsterah nuts i'll definitely make a 1.1 silent file update.09:40
diversewhy not09:40
ryuopushed a fix.09:40
diverseah, so it's 15 times faster for frinnst. Having faster file io does make a difference :P09:42
ryuodiverse, no shit sherlock. captain obvious would be proud!09:42
Romsternow now we had enough of that earlier -_-09:44
Romster updated09:44
Romster3 small changes ryuo
Romsteri add locally but i can't pus with the silly setup.09:45
Romsterthat should be it09:45
ryuoRomster, committed.09:46
Romsterfrinnst, so 10 minutes 30 seconds on new? bet that's on a spindle disk?09:46
ryuogit add Romster;git commit Romster;09:46
ryuoNow romster will be tracked forever.09:46
Romsteryeah but i haven't setup git push remote.09:47
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Romster** checking 827 ports09:49
Romster35.43user 23.35system 1:05.80elapsed09:49
frinnstremove craft? romster?09:49
Romsterhuh where is that.09:49
frinnstFS#1154 - contrib/thunderbird remove craft and libary rpath09:49
Romsteroops cruft09:49
Romstershould of read and set library rpath10:25
Romstermy and my english10:25
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jaegerRomster, ryuo: seems to work fine here12:55
Romsterhope so :)12:57
Romsterit may find some issues that prt-utils/revdep may not.13:10
frinnstwas using binutils more of a problem than elfutils?13:15
frinnstglobal.c:25:18: fatal error: gelf.h: No such file or directory13:15
ryuofrinnst, yes. have you tried to their API?13:15
ryuoto use*13:15
frinnstno I usually leave all the coding to others :)13:16
Romsterelfutils is used by mesa3d so most have that anyways. and added benefit not broken on binutis update13:17
Romsterwhen most would expect revdep to just work.13:18
ryuobinutils has always broken ABI in BFD and OPCODES every version bump that i've seen.13:19
Romsterryuo, jsut find libbfd harder to work with than libelf13:19
ryuoand that.13:19
Romsterjust found*13:19
Romsterryuo, and i talked to jue to get the ok :)13:20
Romsteri would personally prefer revdep working after a update to new crux version. when you would sysup and revdep13:22
Romsterhopefully it pans out that way.13:22
Romstercould staticly link revdep but it then turns the 16KiB to a 800KiB monster13:22
teK_go for it13:22
Romstereasy to do LDFLAGS='-static' make13:22
frinnsthaving the application responsible for finding broken links - having a broken link... no13:23
frinnsta static binary is probably what we want in this case13:23
teK_there are quite some tricks if to slim the binary down a bit :)13:24
Romsterwas thinking that.13:24
teK_if you are worried about size13:24
Romsterwell i already did strip13:24
ryuooptimized linking?13:24
Romsterunless there are others other than lzo it13:25
teK_I had a blog posting.. somewhere13:25
Romsteri hadn't tries -Os13:26
teK_I had a Windows CE binary once13:26
ryuoRomster, that won't make a major dent.13:26
Romsterjust used -O213:26
teK_it was 14MB, 3MB after UPX packing13:26
ryuomost of the bloat is from the foreign code.13:26
teK_have a look at dietlibc ;-)13:26
Romsterah hmm could link it to a smaller libc but is it worth it?13:26
Romsterthought so13:27
teK_you could replace printf calls by write etc13:27
Romsterupx only saves disk space and mvos that to more memory and time to read/decompress13:27
teK_screw 800KB.. compile with -Os if you like.. the chromium binary is 107MB ins zie13:28
teK_and I laughed at oracle (ca. 2007) when I saw that their binary had 94MB :)13:28
Romsterhmm i use LDFLAGS="-Wl,-O1,--sort-common,--as-needed,-z,relro" on my system i could make that a default in the Makefile.13:29
Romsternot sure that would be wise.13:29
Romsterhonestly though 800KiB isn't much to worry about,13:29
Romsterjust a huge jump from 16KiB13:29
RomsterLDFLAGS="-Wl,-O1,--sort-common,--as-needed -static" CFLAGS="-Os" make ; strip revdep13:33
Romster-rwxr-xr-x 1 romster users 778K Mar 12 00:33 revdep13:33
Romsterabout as good as it can get13:34
Romsterwith glibc13:43
Romstertime ./revdep real1m37.069s user0m39.145s sys0m28.439s13:43
Romsterprt-get listinst |wc -l13:43
Romsternow normal revdep13:43
Romsterdo try the -i and -v -vv etc levels and anything in the man ./revdep.113:43
Romsterid say let the user set there own CFLAGS don't gain anything going smaller13:43
Romsteri'll make a coffee then this might be done by then13:43
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Romster... its still running13:48
Romsterand i have coffee13:48
Romstertime revdep real19m11.293s user21m30.770s sys5m24.449s13:56
Romsterand that's with it cached in kernel still.13:56
ryuoold revdep: How SLOWWWWW can you go?13:56
Romsternow i admit i got a ports heavy system on SSD so almost the worst case test here.13:57
Romsterhi leo-unglaub jsut been testing ryuo's c rewrite of revdep. hopefully it's good enough for prt-utils.13:59
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ryuocrash_! reboot!15:04
crash_? :)15:07
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jaegerRomster: beautifulsoup4 looks a bit out of date; 4.3.2 is available, 4.1.0 is what's in contrib19:00
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