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nomiusHi All05:47
nomiusIs it there like an updated ISO?05:48
nomiusHey, thanks jaeger05:57
nomiusAre you guys currently working in 3.2 or 4?05:58
jaegerneither yet06:01
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frinnstyay, i could restart dovecot with rc.d/dovecot after update. no need to manually kill it \o/20:18
frinnst<3 ssd20:18
frinnstso, vsphere6 yet? :D20:26
jaegerI looked at the beta, haven't installed the release anywhere, too new20:27
teK_frinnst: what sourcery is this???20:27
frinnst <- I'll prepare a patch and start to test it20:28
frinnstjust updating my 3.1 vm20:28
frinnstwat tek?20:28
frinnststart-stop-daemon ftw20:29
frinnstbtw I have a patched bind port if you'd like20:29
frinnstalso, my port doesnt overwrite the pid file :)20:29
teK_what does ssd do to fix this?20:29
teK_any binary special thingy or just handling pid files gracefully20:29
frinnstthe old dovecot port used killall -q iirc20:30
frinnstand that wont work since the binary is overwritten20:30
frinnstsorry, not -q20:30
teK_interested in the patch :)20:30
frinnstwhatever you use to kill </path/to/binary>20:30
frinnsttime for "the returned"20:32
frinnstnetflix series, hope it doesnt suck20:32
teK_< elementary20:32
teK_waiting for leviathan in english and a good quality interstellar, too20:33
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