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nomiusfrinnst: is start-stop-daemon going to take the lead for all init scripts?01:09
Romsterfrinnst, you didn't nuke /etc/ file on your update. forgot or don't care or going to mark the bug as invalid?
Romsternomius, i think that is the intention02:49
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nomiusThat's interesting05:05
Romsteri have not converted any of my rc scripts over yet.05:18
nomiusstart-stop-daemon is included in which package Romster? (besides busybox :-P)05:37
Romstercore ports use it.05:38
Romsterbunch in opt too05:38
nomiusYeah, but in which package it is?05:39
nomiusOh, nvm05:40
nomiusThere's a package called start-stop-daemon :-P05:40
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Romstercore it is its own package05:55
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frinnstRomster: i've not yet really looked into it12:07
frinnstrelax :-)12:07
jaegerrevdep doesn't seem to build on arm, heh15:13
ryuojaeger, it can be adapted. i just didn't have test machine to fill in the ARM parts.15:14
ryuojaeger, if you could provide the LD used by the LDD script in /usr/bin/ldd for ARM, i can write up a patch for you to try.15:15
jaegerprovide you a copy of it?15:17
ryuothe path of the LD binary15:18
ryuo /lib/...15:18
jaeger /lib/ which is a symlink to /lib/ld-2.19.so15:18
ryuoand this is 32 bit ARM only?15:19
ryuonot the newer ARMv8?15:19
jaegeryeah, 32- only15:21
ryuotry applying this.15:22
ryuoif it works i'll send it to jue.15:23
jaegerIt seems to work fine15:25
jaegerI'll break something and test that, too15:26
jaegeryep, seems fine15:26
ryuojue, could you apply this to prt-utils git for revdep? it adds ARM support for the faster version.15:28
jaegerthanks for the update15:31
ryuojaeger, how many other ports of CRUX exist anyway? ppc is pretty much dead...15:34
jaegersparc is long dead as far as I know, ppc more recently dead than sparc. I think x86 and arm are the only other ones left15:35
jueryuo: ok if I use your frugalware email address as author for the commit?16:04
ryuojue, as you wish.18:28
crash_i would love crux on Alpha :)18:36
ryuocrash_, great. grab a time machine and go get us some of that obsolete hardware. :)18:37
frinnstIA-64 should be high on the priority list too!18:37
crash_True compiling would not be fun, it will take a WHILE.18:37
crash_i just thought it would be fun with crux on my alpha18:38
jaegerOnce in a while I think of porting crux to my sparc LX but then I remember that would be terrible18:39
crash_i'm glad i got rid of my sparc machine awhile ago. It had 4x450mhz ultrasparc-II cpu's18:40
jaegerThat's far newer and faster than the LX I have :D18:40
jaeger <-- behold18:41
crash_50mhz of power18:43
jaeger"power" is a generous term, hehe18:43
crash_i had a machine like this
jaegernot too bad18:44
crash_it was loud and heavy around 32KG :P18:45
crash_now i only have some Alphas and x86 machines.18:46
jueryuo: pushed to, though will wait with a new prt-utils release a few days18:59
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nomiusHas anyone tried systemd in crux?21:04
nomiusIt was just a question, I don't like it either21:10
nomiusI know some of you are also considering PAM, which I hate too21:12
jaegersomeone has, I don't remember who it was21:16
jaegerif you're really bored it's probably in the logs quite a ways back21:16
diversejaeger: horrorStruck21:19
frinnstI'm torn re. pam21:22
frinnstthough i'd like to use my yubikeys21:22
diversewhat's wrong with pam anyway?21:22
nomius+1 on crappy pam complexity21:25
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nomiusAre you guys still on the ship to go with pam?23:09
jaegerwe haven't discussed it much, really23:11
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