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rmullThe NFS issue is probably because I need to update nfs-utils on my server machine. I am in the process now.00:08
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Romsterrmull, fixed01:59
Romsterfindredundantdeps -s mpv02:00
RomsterRedundant deps for mpv are: libass python02:00
RomsterRight is: # Depends on: docutils ffmpeg02:00
rmullhuh, neat, didn't know about findredundantdeps02:19
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Romstermpv wont build is down. and it wants to download waf outside of source=07:34
frinnstrmull: fixed08:28
Romsterfrinnst, mind taking at look at btrfs-progs as docker can't build since the most recent bump of btrfs-progs.08:28
Romster37: error: 'BTRFS_BUILD_VERSION' undeclared (first use in this function)08:29
Romsterprobably something simple as declaring that.08:29
Romsterah or actually docker grabs stuff off github08:30
frinnstthey have changed the btrfs build scripts pretty drastically08:37
Romsteri'm not even sure where to look.08:38
Romsterdocker stuff uses go and pulls most of the stuff off git servers08:38
frinnstthat sounds stupid08:38
Romsterhave a poke i the docker source08:39
Romstertell me about it.08:39
frinnstBTRFS_BUILD_VERSION may have been changed/removed or whatever though08:39
Romsterguess its bug docker project devs time08:44
frinnstI know those words, but I dont understand :)08:46
Romsteraka time to report my findings.08:46
frinnstah :)08:46
Romsterwgetpaste ~/docker/crux/docker/log/docker.log08:47
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterbug = to annoy08:47
frinnstwe really need to handle these fucking github tarballs better08:47
frinnstv1.5.0.tar.gz <- nonsensical08:47
Romsteri noticed contrib/libass has a release to amazon cdn08:48
Romsterfor github with filename. now does this apply to other github projects. i wonder.08:48
Romsteri can't look though the paths because 404 not found.08:48
frinnstjue: I can reproduce the nfs issues here at work too:10:27
frinnstNo process in pidfile '/var/run/' found running; none killed.10:27
frinnstjust a empty file10:27
rmullfrinnst: Is it possible that the rc scripts were run before your system moved to the start-stop-daemon?10:43
rmulland shutting them down uses the SSD10:43
frinnstbut can you start statd ?10:54
frinnstand stop without issues10:55
juefrinnst: if you start rpcbind, nfs you get that empty pidfile and rpcbind and idmapd are running but statd is not?11:24
juedoes this only happen at system start or even with a running system?11:26
juefrinnst: I guess you can start /etc/rc.d/nfs without problems and get the above error with stop?11:33
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juefrinnst: just noticed that statd doesn't remove the pidfile on shutdown, only removes the pid from it, but that shouldn't do any harm11:48
frinnstjue yeah. something like that12:44
frinnstanyways, only use nfs at home and everything *works* - just that the startscript and stopscript seems to generate an error12:44
juefrinnst: can reproduce your error if I do12:45
jue/etc/rc.d/nfs start ; killall /usr/sbin/rpc.statd ; /etc/rc.d/nfs stop12:45
frinnsthuh, wierd12:46
frinnstanyways, I'll look into it more when i have time (tm)12:46
juelooks like something kills your rpc.statd12:46
frinnstit is supposed to daemonize, right?12:51
frinnstfredrik@farnsworth:/etc/rc.d$ sudo /usr/sbin/rpc.statd -F12:51
frinnstsm-notify: Version 1.3.2 starting12:51
frinnstsm-notify: Already notifying clients; Exiting!12:51
frinnstrpc.statd: svc_tli_create: could not open connection for udp612:51
frinnstrpc.statd: svc_tli_create: could not open connection for tcp612:51
ryuojue, would it be at all possible to package lemon in the sqlite3 package? it's the parser generator sqlite3 uses and its distributed with their source. it can also be used outside of their software system.12:51
juefrinnst: that's normal if you do not use ipv613:05
frinnstsure but that part: sm-notify: Already notifying clients; Exiting!13:11
frinnstit just exits with that message immediately13:12
jueyeah, that's even normal if you run sm-notify a seconf time after boot13:14
jueand rpc.statd always runs sm-notify if not called with the --no-notify option13:14
juewhat we do in our rc script13:15
jueryuo: what is using lemon?13:15
ryuojue, nothing that i know of. but it is nice to have for development.13:16
jueok, but I think that lemon is not included in the amalgamation sources we are using13:21
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jaegerwhat does amalgamation mean in sqlite context, anyway?13:48
jaegernm, I'll RTFM13:49
jaegerIf anyone else wondered,
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jaegerAnyone in here running xfce4?14:49
jaegernever mind, found my answer; libxfce4ui is missing gtk3 as a dep15:02
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frinnstmight be a bug report regarding that15:19
frinnstiirc etc15:19
jaegerok, I'll take a look15:19
jaegerdon't see one in flyspray, does sepen use a separate tracker for xfce?15:20
frinnstno dont think so, maybe someone complained on irc15:25
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frinnstjue: figured it out. rpcbind had somehow been removed from my rc.conf21:02
frinnstit wasnt actually needed for clients before, no?21:10
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