IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-03-18

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jaegerlooks like openssl will get an update tomorrow for the latest security issues15:17
jueRomster: mesa 10.5.1 is out, works fine for me here16:11
jaegerjue: are we thinking about removing tcp_wrappers in 3.2? I would like to do that if it isn't on the radar yet :)16:21
juejaeger: well, we had several request to do so16:39
jueI'm not against tcp_wrapper and use them for internal LAN usage16:40
jueI know teK_ is using them too ...16:40
jaegerI'd prefer just to use iptables, myself. I can disable them on my own if need be, though16:40
juebut I have a neutral position here, if we remove them it's ok for me16:41
juesure, tcp_wrappers is a ancient technology and most people have problem using it16:43
jaegerfair enough. We can come back to it when 3.2 discussions happen and see what the consensus is16:43
juethat's fine, unfortunately we cannot edit our wiki currently so we have to wait with a TODO32 until teK_ has the time to fix it16:44
jaegerI'll take a look at the wiki and see if I can fix that as well16:49
juegreat, thanks16:53
juethe issue is somehow related to the changes done lately16:54
jaegerprobably the SSL cert thing, that's what broke the mailing lists as well16:56
jaegerok, seems to be working now17:07
frinnstyeah I prefer iptables too17:07
frinnstoh, new openssh17:07
jaegerthere's a lot of old stuff on the wiki... like Main/ServerMigration17:11
juejaeger: yeah, wiki works again18:04
juejaeger: many thanks :)18:04
jaegerno problem18:24
jaegerprologic: is there any strong reason other than personal preference to choose devicemapper, btrfs, or aufs for docker storage?18:26
jaeger(aside from aufs kernel patching)18:26
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frinnstpersonal preference seems to override everything in most cases20:03
frinnstthats why i'd recommend btrfs :p20:03
jaegerfrinnst: do you use it on lvm devs or files or raw devs or something else entirely?20:10
prologicjaeger, differing features and performance20:36
prologicjaeger, also aufs is not part of the upstream kernel20:36
prologicso that may sway your decision20:36
prologicthe default is devmapper with ext4 file systems20:37
prologicjaeger, I would just go with devmapper on ssd disks tbh20:37
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frinnstraw devices only21:15
frinnstsee little point in using it on anything else21:15
jaegerI could see using something else if you don't have an extra drive available for it, I guess21:18
jaegeror partition21:19
frinnstsure, if you want to play with the features22:14
frinnstbut if you want to *use* the features, i'd recommend a disk or two22:14
frinnstI also like to use hyberbole :)22:15
jaegerFor me it'd just be playing so probably doesn't matter22:15
jaegerI don't have anything set up, though, was just reading22:15

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