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jaegerWorkster: do you have a link to updated patches for openssl-32?00:55
Romsterah last i looked there was no diff on compat-32 ports... always something.01:28
jaegerI can do it manually, just figured I'd ask01:30
Romsterjsut looking if new patches exist.01:30
Romsterok got make jobs patch on the hunt for the other one. last time i just remade it myself01:46
Romsterah i may as well remake it again01:47
jaegerok. If you want to update it go ahead, if you're busy send them my way and I'll do it01:50
jaegerI updated openssl this morning but was waiting to see if you had the patches for -3201:50
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Romsterhmm did they actually merge in the parallel make stuff.01:56
Romsteror not man there lame
jaegerprologic: after those comments about always testing in a clean env I did something dumb :D I tested in a safe env and built a new required dependency... verified it worked, then pushed the updated version without remembering to actually ADD the dep02:02
Romsteri'm out of time jaeger do yu want the patch and you sort the rest out got a reject on the parreral make02:02
Romsteroops jaeger02:02
jaegersure, I can take a look02:02
jaegerso was there an updated patch for the x86_64-32 target but not the parallel make patch?02:03
jaegeron a side note, glad I don't need subversion anymore02:03
Romsteri redid the x86_64-32 target patch notpushed yet02:03
jaegerthat one's easy at least02:04
jaegerjust wondered if there was an official one02:04
Romstercould easily drop the parraral patch though i guess.02:04
Romsteri cna't push this i'll uplaod that patch for you02:05
Romsteri cant do this until after work02:05
Romsteror you can02:05
Romsternew target patch02:07
Romsterif its too much effort just go back to -j102:07
prologicjaeger, oops :)02:09
jaegerok, I set up a centos server to play with docker for now03:26
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prologicyou could have just downgraded btrfs-progs?04:36
jaegerI didn't want to. :P04:36
jaegerI've been meaning to check out centos 7 anyway, actually04:36
prologicfair enough04:42
prologicI think it's fairly similar to CentOS 6 tbh04:42
prologicwith an updated kernel04:42
prologicand systemd04:42
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Romsterjaeger, didn't get around to openssl-32?06:54
frinnstteK_: [oss-security] Xerces-C Security Advisory [CVE-2015-0252]09:05
frinnstoh sorry, thought you were the maintainer09:05
frinnstits sepens09:06
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jaegerRomster: was too tired last night, I'll look at it this morning13:58
Romsterk i was gonna but then i got distracted13:58
Romstermight just as easy add this remove the multiple make patch and add -j113:59
Romsteryou would think upstream would merge in the fixes to there makefiles.13:59
Romsternoticed eudev 3.0 is also out not tested it yet14:02
Romsteri bumped libdrm already14:02
jueRomster: working on eudev, currently it adds a dep to gperf14:03
Romsteroh damn.14:03
juebut besides that it works well so far14:03
Romsterwhy does it need that?14:04
Romsterguess it needs nice hash functions14:04
jueto generate a header file14:04
jueit's an old issue we bypassed by using --disable-keymap, but that option is gone14:05
jueI've already added a comment to that ticket14:07
Romsterlooks like mono and gecko haven't changed this wine release.14:07
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frinnstomg a new which release19:46
frinnstbut its not a "release" it seems, not yet anyways:
frinnst suggests its a release though19:48
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