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Romsternomius, why?01:23
Romstercrux is even mentioned01:29
RomsterIt is valid to implement /var/run as a symlink to /run.01:37
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nomiusRomster: the fact that Crux is mentioned on that post doesn't answer my question03:46
prologicno I'm confused too03:49
prologicwhy do we have /run anyway03:49
prologicI think tbh it's superfluous03:49
nomiusI normally rebuild eudev and util-linux to use /var/run instead of /run and remove that one...03:50
prologicyeah I would too03:50
prologicyou can almost bet we do as well03:50
prologicbut for some reason we still hav e/run in our filesystem port/package03:50
nomiusYeah prologic, Crux eudev and util-linux packages use /run...03:51
nomiusI modify those packages to not use /run, unfortunately it's not configurable and it requires C files editing...03:52
nomiusHeck! I'm still using FHS 1.2 from 1995 + /sys instead :-D03:52
prologicwell there's your answer then03:53
prologicit's hard coded03:53
prologicand we haven't bothered to patch it03:53
prologicI wonder if there's an issue/ticket upstream wrt to this /run /var/run configurability03:53
nomiusSorry to ask... What does wrt means? :-S03:55
prologicwith regards to03:57
nomiusThanks :-)03:57
nomiusIn case you are interested prologic:
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prologicthank you :)05:08
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nomiusAnyone good with git?05:57
nomiusActually more on github that on git06:07
nomiusI made an update (new commit) to my update on eudev06:08
nomiusDo you know how an I tell them "Hey, add also this commit to your pull request"06:08
nomiusOh, nevermind06:09
nomiusThe pull request does that automatically :-)06:09
prologicjust update your branch06:10
nomiusYeah, thanks :-)06:10
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RomsterThe new tmpfs-mounted /run folder allows programs like udev, lvm and mdadm to keep runtime data from initrd until shutdown.07:11
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Romsterthat is why it's not in /var/run07:11
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prologicsay what?08:00
prologicthat makes no sense whatsoever08:00
prologicI don't even boot my system with an initrd normally08:00
prologicHave you actually read this? :)08:04
prologicanyway who cares08:04
prologicpart of the point of CRUX is that it's easy to tweak/customize08:05
prologicI don't even think we're fully compliant with anything really are we?08:05
prologicor else we'd have a lsb-release file08:05
Romsternot like we have to follow FHS08:05
prologicand actually be identifiable as a distro by many tools/software08:05
prologicrather than test -f /usr/bin/crux08:05
RomsterLSB wasn't forgiving and wanted everythingin RPM even08:05
RomsterProcess identifier (PID) files, which were originally placed in /etc, must be placed in /run. The naming convention for PID files is <program-name>.pid. For example, the crond PID file is named /run/
Romsteryeah i been reading it prologic08:19
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jaegerI might be misremembering but I think we went to /run because that's what udev required in the past12:26
jueyes, that was the reason IIRC12:28
juebesides that, to have a tmpfs-mounted run directory seems to be a good thing12:31
jaegerI've no complaints about it, it hasn't gotten in my way at all12:31
juesame for me12:32
Romsteri see lots of things in /var/run12:51
jaeger <-- the old post about /run12:53
jaegerit mentions bind mounting /var/run to it but I don't know if that's commonly done12:54
jaeger(that's in fedora 15 for reference)12:57
jueRomster: sure, we never tried to keep everything in /run13:14
jueit's not so easy as it might first look13:15
juenot every daemon will create it's /var/run/bla subdir on startup, so we have to do it in the start script or somewhere else13:16
juecurrently we create the dir often in the port itself13:17
juebut, of couse, that's doable13:18
frinnstbut is there really a reason to?14:18
frinnstwhat would be the benefit? (probably nothing, really)14:18
jueI don't see any real reason, one may like the single /run dir, but what else?14:44
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