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Romsteronly thng i can see is neatness to having /run but then how many programs don't default to /run and instead prefer /var/run01:43
prologicactually I disagre with the neatness opiniohn really01:44
prologicI prefer to have as few "mount points" as possible01:44
prologicso that all runtime and logging goes to /var01:44
Romsterpersonally the FHS can stick it and just use /run for the stuff that needs to be there before /var is mounted.01:44
prologicAFAIK this has nothing to do with "before /var is mounted"01:45
prologicthat wasn't how I read the spec :)01:45
Romsteryes it does01:45
prologicshow me :)01:45
Romsterinitramfs use for udev mdadm cryptosetup lvm2 stuff.01:45
prologicbut that implies that /var is a seaprate mount point01:45
Romsterimagine if /var is on a LV or crypto or raid01:45
prologicand not mounted durint initrd01:45
Romsterit can be.01:46
Romsterls /run/01:46
Romsteragetty.reload  mdadm  mount  udev01:46
Romsterstuff that needs to be there before /var01:46
Romsterthe other question i don't seem to find an answer too is systemd dropped support for /usr being its own mount point01:47
Romsterwhy would they allow /var to be it's own mount point?01:47
prologicI honestly get the impression the LFS spec is overcomplicating things to satisfy the overly complex major distros that already exist and their conventions as they stand now01:47
prologicso this is an effort to try to standardise major practices :)01:47
Romsterwell udev lvm2 used to use a hidden directory in /dev/01:48
Romsterlike /dev/.lvm and /dev/.udev01:48
prologicanyway looks like eudev will have the run directory configurable soon anyway01:48
prologicso I don't really care :)01:48
Romsterapparantly it's nto a node *gasp* so they decided on /run01:48
prologiclike I said yesterday I don't boot my systems with initrd anyway01:48
prologicI have little need for it atm :)01:48
Romsteri was going to but SSD for root01:49
Romsteri may later use a initramfs make a root LV and then dmcache the ssd01:49
prologiceven for my nas I don't need initrd01:49
prologiccrux will go on a usb stick or ssd01:49
prologicand all 10 drives will be added to zfs01:49
Romsteri'll later just raid root in a logical volume01:50
Romstermy /var never gets that big to worry about it's own mount point01:50
Romsterthats with packages and source i could easily move them elsewhere.01:52
RomsterLSB FHS i feel don't think about use cases like ours.01:52
Romsterbet there all ubuntu debian redhat fedora centos01:53
prologicraid root in an lvm?01:53
Romsterlvm supports raid now.01:53
prologicraid is useless without more than one disk :)01:53
prologicwhat are you RAID'ing?01:53
Romsteri have 7 disks in my desktop01:53
prologicgotcha :)01:53
prologicThis is why ZFS is a *LOT* easier to manage01:54
prologicyou should consider it fo ryour desktop01:54
prologic1 boot/root drive and 6 ZFS disks01:54
jaegerI've installed crux on a root zfs once before, requires and initramfs but it worked fine once I got it configured02:28
prologicI probably wouldn't do that though02:29
prologicI see little value in putting your rootfs on zfs?02:29
prologicunless I'm missing something important :)02:30
jaegerI did it to see if I could02:32
jaegerwith that said, it's a nice FS, why not use it for root?02:32
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prologicsure I agree02:40
prologicbut what's the benefit for the rootfs?02:41
prologicI plan on basically installing on a USB stick that I can image and replicate if need be02:41
prologicprobably more an immutable style boot image02:41
jaegersnapshots, redundancy02:41
jaegersame reason you'd run it on raid or lvm, I guess02:41
prologicI guess I'm planning on solving that a different way02:42
prologicimmutable image02:42
jaegerI didn't say YOU should use ZFS on your root :)02:42
jaegerJust that I've done it and it works02:42
prologicin my plan if I loose the rootfs; reclone from backup image and reboot02:43
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prologicomg my nas has finally arrived!04:43
prologicindeed :)04:45
prologicyou know what my weekend is going to be filled with!04:45
prologicin fact I'll be racking it up this aftenroon :)04:45
jaegerI'll probably do some work on my NAS t his weekend as well, it's not mounting automatically04:51
jaegermounts fine after I boot and log in, not sure what's up with the pool not being ready earlier04:51
prologicahh right04:52
prologicI'm going to be doing several benchmarks with my new hw and setup04:52
jaegerIf I can't solve it I'll put it into an inited and fix it that way04:53
prologicand document what I find, etc04:53
prologicvarious configurations of the disks, etc04:53
prologicand blog about it04:53
jaegerI'm only using 4 disks so not a lot of options for me04:53
prologichopefully with some good numbers, maybe some pretty graphs if I can04:53
jaegerworks great, though04:53
prologicyeah :)04:54
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prologicoh good lord08:39
prologicI don't think I can rack this up myself08:39
prologicI think the box is 18Kg itself08:40
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prologicjaeger, ping?08:51
prologicThis board:
prologicwhich my NAS is equipped with08:52
prologicAny ideas on how to use the IPMI? :)08:52
prologicI've never done IPMI before I don't think :)08:52
prologicthis should be fun08:56
prologicheh :)08:56
frinnstyeah jaeger has some supermicro stuff iirc09:05
prologiclooks like I need ipmiview maybe09:09
prologicbut according to supermicro's website on their ipmi09:09
prologicit's all web ui anyway09:09
prologicso maybe just plug an eth into the ipmi port and go?09:09
prologicI can't even find my vga cable :)09:09
prologicwell fuck it09:22
prologicI seem to have lost my VGA cable09:22
prologiclet's see what happens if I plug it into my network :)09:22
prologic = = =   = = =   = = =      = = =   = = =   = = =      = = =   = = =   = = =09:23
prologic19:22:28 dhcp,info dhcp0 assigned to 00:25:90:F7:5E:5109:23
prologic19:22:30 dhcp,info dhcp0 deassigned from 00:25:90:F7:5E:5109:23
prologic19:22:30 dhcp,info dhcp0 assigned to 00:25:90:F7:5E:5109:23
prologicoh well that was easy09:23
prologicwell that was too easy09:26
prologicbut I need a Java Runtime to use this thing :)09:26
prologicfarrk :)09:37
prologicipmiview's source is 65M09:37
frinnstyep, java is needed for all those kvm thingys09:56
frinnstfrom all vendors09:56
frinnstits very problematic for older hp hardware since java is so fucking broken09:57
frinnstyou more or less need to use java 6 for it to work09:57
prologiccool this is too easy10:01
prologicjust whipped up a port for IPMIView10:01
prologicI'll publish it in contrib later10:01
prologicI'll go rack it up now10:01
prologicsince I don't need it in the office now :)10:01
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jaegerprologic: sounds like you got it all sorted while I was asleep. :)14:37
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prologicjaeger, hehe morning :)19:26
prologicnot quite19:26
prologicI'm getting there19:26
prologicbut I have a few Q's19:26
prologicDoes it boot into the EFO Shell when it can't find a suitable boot device?19:26
prologicIn which case I f'd up the install of CRUX to SSD and/or the partition flags19:27
jaegerif you have the boot order set to, yes19:36
jaegeryou can set it to boot uefi only, legacy only, or both, usually19:36
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prologicI see19:44
prologicyeah so having trouble getting crux atm19:44
prologicwell what I've installed that is19:44
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prologicthere we go19:49
prologicLILO Loading CRUX.....19:49
prologicand kernel panic :)19:49
jaegergotta start somewhere19:53
prologicall good19:55
prologickernel config issues I think19:55
prologicunknown block device blah blah blah19:55
jaegerI ended up fixing my NAS box last night before sleeping, mounts without my intervention now20:02
prologicwhat was the issue?20:02
jaegerzfs just wasn't loaded early enough, pretty much. I built it into the kernel this time instead of modules20:02

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