IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-03-28

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frinnstnew evdev and synaptics drivers. anybody able to test?01:18
Romstersay it yesterday but not touched it yet looks like i can.. but i have no touchpad to test synaptics01:40
nomiusprologic: patch for eudev on making /run configurable was merged last night...02:23
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prologicnomius, beautiful :)03:24
Romsterso what? are we moving /run back to /var/run ?03:29
Romsterthen you still have mdadm lvm2 to move as well.03:29
Romsterand a few others03:30
prologicnah I'd lave it as it is03:36
prologicbut it'll give the option to uses to configure where they want run to be03:36
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Romstercompiling those two ports for xorg now.04:37
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nomiusRomster: is not about what you want to do, but about giving the people the choice to do so...05:34
Romsterwell it depends on there use cases i gues07:19
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c0xот моей сборки крукса осталась только lfs08:30
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frinnstI agree c0x12:55
frinnstneed to run that through a translator12:55
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Romsterfrom my build Crookes was only lfs?23:55

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