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Romsterquestion about python 3.4 when are we going to start using it? i got stuff that i need to backport packages from python 3.2 and 3.4 to use on python200:43
Romstershould i backport packages or introduce python3 in opt or wait?00:43
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frinnstMesa 10.5.2 is now available. This release addresses bugs in the common glsl01:35
frinnstcode-base, the libGL and glapi libraries, and the dri modules. The tarball no01:35
frinnstlonger contains hardlinks and has all the haiku files. With this release one01:35
frinnstcan build mesa without the need of python and mako.01:35
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prologicjaeger, what does your zfs daemon rc script look like?04:23
prologicI forgot to create one with the port I just pushed to contrib04:23
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Romstermesa-10.5.2 is out updating that now04:37
jaegerno script, there isn't a daemon you need to start04:42
prologicokay :)04:44
prologichow do you in general bring all pools online?04:44
jaegerI run zpool import in my rc.local04:51
prologicahh cool05:00
prologicthat reminds me05:00
prologicdoes rc.local run last05:00
prologicafter rc.modules?05:00
prologicI forget :)05:00
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prologicjaeger, zfs mount -a in /etc/rc.local ?12:37
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jaegerprologic: zpool import <poolname>14:15
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frinnstsweet, just recieved a patch that should remove the build time dep for python and mako15:11
frinnstthe buildscript still detects python if installed and thus still depends on mako15:12
frinnstjust tried by removing python and building - works :)15:12
frinnsthm, or maybe not15:12
frinnstanybody remember why we run autoreconf in mesa3d ?15:14
jaegerIt was required for a successful build in some cases in the past. If it's not anymore, might as well remove that15:15
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