IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-04-02

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jaegerthunderbird 31.6 seems to work fine with the devel changes01:15
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Worksterhoping frinnst removes the junk on that bug report i put in for thunderbird and the rpath fix. still running that with no issues.02:31
Workstera powernap is defined to be 2-3 hours02:32
Workster11 hours is a sleep in02:32
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frinnstbah. silly internal clock03:21
frinnstonly managed ~8hrs03:21
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crash_Happy CRUX easter :)08:58
frinnstbtw, any thoughts regarding replacing the box?09:53
frinnstI was just asked to plan my vacation so I need to start thinking about that09:53
prologicis it no longer being hosted for free?10:32
prologicor is it being replaced by new hw?10:32
pitillothank you very much frinnst :)10:59
frinnstnew hardware would be lovely11:03
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jaegerI'd suggest we virtualize it12:51
pitillocan someone provide that infraestructure?12:57
jaegerteK_ has offered, I think. If that offer isn't still valid I would pay for a VPS for it13:01
teK_the ressources are still available, yes13:02
pitillothat sounds really interesting13:20
rmullWhat would the space/bandwidth requirements look like?13:46
jaegerno idea on the bandwidth, myself, but space-wise there's about 26GB used on the server, not including backups13:52
jaegerI bet a lot of that isn't necessary, though, if we were to look through it13:52
jaeger6.6GB in /var/log/old for example13:52
rmullI have a server in a closet on a university connection that previously hosted some linux user group content - I don't have physical access and it's not running crux, and I'm not sure how access would be arranged, but it's something14:04
rmullI have root and it's running openvz so I guess that's what we'd do if we were to use it14:05
rmullBut it's not a real VPS14:05
jaegerDoesn't have to be a VPS, that's just what I would do14:06
rmullOkay, well, short of finding a more polished solution, I'll toss it out there as an option14:07
rmullThe advantage are lots of disk and an unmetered 100Mbit pipe, the disadvantage is that if it goes down it's hard to coordinate getting it back up14:09
jaegeralways a trade, heh14:09
rmullLocation is Boston, MA, USA14:13
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frinnstI can set up a server at work too, no problems14:55
frinnstbut the issue is always the lack of control - what happens if i'd get hit by a car or whatever14:56
frinnstcant offer kvm access at the moment14:56
jaegerspl has some kernel-version-specific footprint entries, hrmm15:26
jaegersame with zfs15:27
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prologicjaeger, yeah I know20:50
prologicdon't know really how to solve that20:50
prologicI would happily host a Vulr VPS for too20:52
prologicjust putting it out there20:52
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