IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-04-04

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teK_frinnst/jaeger what's the average _write_ performance you'd expect from a 16 SAS 15k disk RAID10 HW array?10:30
teK_oh and frinnst wrt access to my raspi.. I think I will opt for the odroid. It's much faster and won't vomit in front  of its own feet as soon as you plug-in a USB HDD without independent power unit10:31
teK_i.e. I will need some more time :-)10:31
jueFYI, I've added some notes to the commit messages of eudev, see
juerunning eudev 3.0 since quite some time here on 4 different boxes, seems to work fine, I've seen only one minor and no critical issue with the keyboard definitions of my Lenove T44010:56
Romsterwe'll see 7 boxes updating eudev11:48
Romsterwell 6 all came back up now for the 7th my desktop11:55
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frinnstack jue14:37
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