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prologicnrxtx, it's required for functionining non-root use and saving machine configs you've connected to01:54
Worksteruse a group for that then02:00
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prologicgood do03:00
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Romsterprologic, can you test docker on another machine i seem to have an issue now.09:18
Romstercan't figure out what it is. but its todo with the storage backend09:19
frinnstpython should be removed from the mesa3d buildtime deps with the next release or so09:22
Romsteryou mean mako09:22
frinnstand obviously mako wont be needed then either09:22
frinnstno, python too :)09:22
Romsterugh so python as well that's gonna screw over a bunch of dependencies since i cleaned a bunch09:23
frinnsthow so?09:23
Romsterwhats the point of removing python when other parts of xorg use it09:23
Romsterwell i don't know i got broken docker atm so i can't test09:23
frinnstask the mesa3d folks09:23
frinnstless build time deps the better imo09:24
Romstershould think about splitting out llvm09:24
Romsterwhy is mesa one huge everything?09:25
Romsteri'll just have to test stuff as it happens... once i solve this issue.09:29
frinnstits a 3d library with - granted - hardware drivers09:33
Romsterllvm for gallium that's only useful for radion cards right?09:34
frinnstall gallium drivers need it. but its pretty much only new radeon cards that only have gallium drivers09:35
Romsterso it's useless to me on nvidia.09:35
Romsterhere pyhton is usled for many tings i'm pulling in llvm for mesa3d and clang but i don't use clang much if at all.09:39
Romstermesa3d needs talloc which has python.09:44
Romsteror is that the other way around at thsi point i don't care.. i jsut want this docker working again09:44
Romsterso frustrated09:45
Romstergo back to the other storage method think it'll just start working again... nope.09:45
frinnst<3 ansible10:00
frinnstsoo much more simple to run updates on all servers10:00
frinnstI had a script on all hosts before that ran when "root" ssh'ed in. but oh the pain of ssh to 20-30 servers..10:01
frinnstand no silly agents unlike puppet etc10:02
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