IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-04-17

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frinnstlots of small xorg updates to various utils just now07:36
frinnstxmodmap, xmh, xmag, xlsfonts, xlsatoms, xkbprint, xkbevd, xhost, xgc, xgamma, xfindproxy, xev, xditview, xdriinfo, xdpyinfo, xcompmgr, xcmsdb, x11perf, twm, smproxy, setxkbmap, proxymngr07:38
juefrinnst: indeed, shall we share the work?09:18
frinnstI dont mind doing it, but at work for the rest of the day09:20
frinnstthought if someone was bored :)09:20
jueok :)09:21
Romsterholly heck09:57
Romsterso whos doing what?09:57
Romsterjue, so how much is done? i started on downloading sources after just bumping all relevant Pkgfiles.10:14
Romsteronly 11 packages that we use.10:38
jueRomster: I've done nothing so far, busy with other things ATM10:41
Romsterok i'm about done with the updates.10:41
Romsterfrinnst, jue I've taken care of that lot.10:54
Romstersince i've been a bit quiet in xorg lately.10:56
crash_a lot of xorg updates in a row :P15:46

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