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jueRomster: thanks for updating the xorg README07:14
jueI'd suggest two small fixes/improvements:07:14
jue1. the listinst part of the prt-get statement in line 34 can be reduced to07:15
jueprt-get listinst --regex '^xorg-xf86-(input|video)|^mesa3d'07:16
jue2. IMO the additional update of mesa in line 40 isn't necessary07:17
Romster1, i'll fix and 2, doens't exist you must have a older version of the README as i removed that awhile ago.11:32
jueRomster: sorry, but it's still there, now in line 39, see;a=blob;f=xorg-server/README;h=f853d66f1d41c5ad8bedef638c92248fc32e27c3;hb=bd7cebf4576d24746581e965f957895295ca743513:14
jueRomster:  you still use the unneeded pipe to egrep, it's not necessary if you use the -regex feature of prt-get13:17
jueprt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst --regex '^xorg-xf86-(input|video)|^mesa3d')13:17
Romsterdamn it13:34
Romsteroh wait thats for kernel updates that line 39... not xorg-server13:35
juehmm, sorry?13:39
Romsterthe rmmod and depmod -a crap was for after updating the kernel version to a new number13:41
jueI see the following in line 39:13:42
jueprt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst | egrep '^nvidia')13:42
Romsternothing todo with the new xorg-sever update i jsut threw it in there because i used it all the time when i did a kernel update. but that info really belongs in nvidia/README about updating nvidia and rmmod nvidia &&  depmod -a13:42
Romsteri removed it already as of 20 seconds ago13:43
juebut why should one update mesa after an kernel update?13:43
Romsterno nvidia13:43
Romsteras it does not reside in the correct /lib/`uname -r`/modules/13:44
Romsterbut now i am confusng that with the nvidia ABI updating of forget it13:44
Romstercan you just edit it to how yo like it to be13:44
Romstercahnged the god damn thing like 5 times now13:45
jueyou saw your latest update, it's ok now, thank you13:46
Romsteri adde din nvidia stuff because i do that all the time but it shouldn't be in that README13:46
Romsteri'm not good with documentation13:47
jueme neither, it's always a pain for me ;)13:47
Romstermay explain the lack of documentation for crux.13:48
Romsterno one is good at it.13:48
Romsternearly midnight heading to bed, g'night.13:49
juegood night, Romster13:49
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