IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2015-04-20

dwtshi guys, it might already been mentioned, but anyway, on the 3.1 Handbook of crux installation, in the section of setting up a chroot, there's a command missing compared to /usr/bin/setup-chroot01:27
dwts this is the link I'm talking about01:29
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Romsterdo we even need xorg-xf86-input-void02:59
RomsterA few cleanup patches that have been sitting on the branch for almost a02:59
Romsteryear. The void driver is a dummy driver that does nothing and just fulfils02:59
Romsterthe requirements of really old servers that must have an input device.02:59
RomsterIt is just dead weight for any server released after 2007 or so. Don't use02:59
Romsteri feel it should be dropped.02:59
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jaegerdwts: thanks for the heads up13:35
dwtsjaeger: you are welcome :)18:05
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