IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-04-21

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pitillomorning, can someone take a look to mail logs in crux? I've noticed that a mail sent today about e19 (and another one about crux-arm announ ce a month ago) aren't published in the mailinh list (no error reported back)07:57
frinnstI got your mail today09:11
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pitillofrinnst: strange, I haven't and it isn't in pipemail (mailman)11:37
frinnstFrom: pitillo pitillo <>,12:18
frinnstTo: crux@crux.nu12:18
frinnstSubject: Enlightenment E1912:18
jaegerpitillo: you sent it to, not crux@*lists*.crux.nu13:24
jaegerso only a few of us got it13:24
pitilloummm I always send mails to the same address... I didn't notice it was changed (time ago was *list*, wasn't it?)14:49
jaegermaybe many years ago, I don't remember for sure14:52
jaegerI think we set up lists in 200514:52
pitillopfff so long?... time runs so fast then. Sorry for the noise15:00
jaegerI might be incorrect on that, I just think it was during the second cruxcon that we did it15:01
jaegerno worries :)15:01
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rmullWould anyone want to add a /etc/crux-release file?19:45
rmullAlternatively, is there a better way to determine that I am on a crux host, and which version of crux it is?19:49
juermull: /usr/bin/crux is what you are looking for20:22
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rmulljue: Thanks, is this a standard thing for other distros too?20:37
juermull: sorry, no idea21:36
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