IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-04-22

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Romsterprobably not... but we don't care.02:44
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Romsternot like any 3rd party stuff even looks for these.02:44
rmullI'm looking at some software that tries to install its own deps by detecting the distro version and invoking the local package manager, it's so stupid02:49
rmullIt's easily worked around, but It's still lame02:50
Romsteryeah they dumb it down to make it /easy/ for the end user.02:51
Romsteri would be fine with that on saydeb or rpm systems but on non-detected systems fall back to the /expected/ behavior.02:52
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frinnstregarding that mailinglist post.. have we ever decided on a specific license for Pkgfiles ?12:36
frinnstbtw i think we have spelled charlies name wrong on our about page13:39
frinnstCharlie Marcenzi, not Charlie Mentorez13:39
frinnstUnless kalmarndc has 2 charlies employed :p13:40
juefrinnst: yes we had, see chapter 2.3 of our handbook13:47
juehowever, contrib is a community effort, so the crux team isn't responsible at all ...13:50
rmullWhat about "licensed as [crux default license] unless LICENSE file is provided in the port"13:55
frinnstIndeed jue, but we still host and distribute it.14:31
jueyeah, that's right15:00
jueand as long as we are doing it, the easiest way is to include the contrib collection into that license statement?15:02
juethere are only a handful active contrib maintainers, so it should be not a big issue to agree on such a change15:03
frinnstno, it should just be a formality16:10
frinnstno biggie16:10
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frinnst=======> Installing '/usr/ports/pkg/gcc#5.1.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.17:58
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