IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-04-23

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juefrinnst: nice :) any problems so far?08:30
frinnstNot really, no09:08
frinnsti've run the pre-release for a while09:08
frinnstthey changed the versioning scheme with 5, 5.1.0 is unstable, 5.1.1 is stable-ish i think09:09
Romsterwould wait for 5.2.x09:15
juefound this ->
frinnstah, there we go09:22
jueso 5.x.0 is a stable release while 5.x.{1..9} are prereleases09:24
jueif I understood that correct09:25
frinnst5.x.x is extra stable :)09:25
jueright, I'd to say 5.x.{1..9} are _post_releases not pre09:32
frinnstanybody with a lwn subscription that wanna share the latest "The kdbuswreck" article? :)09:42
jueyeah, seems like a very interesting reading10:18
juefrinnst: btw, dunno why, but I have libmng in my ck4up.conf and saw a new release ;)10:19
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frinnstYeah I know. Have it ready but not yet pushed :)11:44
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