IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2015-04-26

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frinnstyeah zlib and xz is already in core so I thought it might be worth considering18:14
jaegerIf it works fine, no objections here18:45
frinnstsurprisingly few ports fail with gcc 5.119:49
frinnstof the ones i have installed it seems to only be ncurses, libgpg-error, qt4 and xorg-server19:49
frinnstactually qt builds.. hmm, anybody else see this footprint error with qt4?19:57
jaegerjue: had to take apart the front bumper cover on my WRX today, was kinda fun20:41
jaegerfrinnst: specific to gcc 5.1 or in general?20:42
frinnstnot sure21:03
jaegerok. I'm trying it in my build VM, will report21:04
jaegerthough I have company coming soon so may be a bit later when I get back to the computer21:04
frinnstI'll be asleep anyways :)21:11
frinnstbut unless youre bored; dont bother. Im sure some component fails with 5.121:11
frinnstergo the footprint error21:11
frinnstI just dont have time to look through the log21:11
jaegerno worries, it's already building deps21:13
jaegerfrinnst: no mismatch in the clean build env with gcc 4.8.421:56
jaegerno problem22:05
frinnstrunning xorg-server and video-ati from git22:05
frinnstepicness, no tearing finally \o/22:05
frinnstindeed, a lot more nice than intel that I use at work22:06
frinnst <- seems like that should have been fixed long ago22:08
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