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Romsternoticed a problem with PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS02:45
Romsterit'll pick up on the first entry and try it 3 times then fail. it wont even attempt to try the second entry in the array.02:46
Romsterof course there is on on that host so it failed as expected but it never even tried the second mirror url02:46
Romsteri'd say wgetis error-ing out after the first mirror and that causes it to not try the second url02:49
jaegerI'll look at it in the morning if nobody beats me to it03:05
rmullFYI it works fine for me03:19
rmullRomster: What's the status of that local mirror?03:20
rmullDoes it exist? Is there an httpd running? etc03:20
Worksterwell from that docker server it doens't exist03:21
Worksterit exists at my home03:21
rmullI tried an unroutable host in the first slot and it worked as expected03:21
Worksterso why didn't itwork on dockers server with the same crux image...03:21
rmullWhat was wget's error code, any idea?03:21
rmullfwiw I'm on pkgutils 5.35.603:22
Worksteri have no means of knowing that03:22
Worksterwhat i posted above is all i got03:22
rmullcan you try wgetting the file from that host manually?03:22
Workstersure @ home03:23
Worksternot from the docker server where it built this image.03:23
rmullwell, this looks like it'll stop trying if the error code (echo $?) is 003:23
rmullso if you can demonstrate that wget isn't signalling an error, that's the problem03:24
rmullother than that it works fine for me03:24
Worksterso non-zero error it wont try new mirror in array?03:24
rmullnon-zero means it'll try the next03:24
rmullzero means it'll break03:24
rmullout of the loop03:24
Worksterwell try adding a something thatdoes not exist before crux.nu03:24
Worksteri'll bbs03:24
rmullI tried which will give a 404 and which is non-routable on my network03:25
rmullboth work as expected and try the second host03:25
rmuller, by non-routable I mean there is no route to host03:25
rmulldunno if that's technically the same thing03:26
rmullAnyway, AFK, good luck03:26
jaegernot quite the same thing but has the same effect03:34
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